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What Are the Impacts of Older Windows?

Older windows may affect more than just energy efficiency in your house. Learn more about how these windows might impact your home.

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Can Closing Curtains Really Help Beat the Heat?

Closing curtains during the summer can help you beat the heat inside your home and reduce your HVAC bill, too.

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Repurpose Old Windows With These 5 Cool Projects

Old windows can be recycled for a variety of decorative and practical purposes to enhance a home.

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Why Maintaining Your Window Screens Is Important

Keeping window screens in your home clean, well-maintained and in good working order should be standard operating procedure for homeowners.

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What If Energy Star Goes Away?

According to multiple sources, including DWM Magazine, a proposal from the White House has been submitted that could negatively impact Energy Star. The…

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The Dangers of Indoor UV Light

Premature skin aging and skin cancer are two dangers of excessive exposure to sunlight, and the risks don’t go away when we’re indoors. Many people believe that window glass blocks the ultraviolet rays in natural light that damage our skin,…

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Window Quality in Most New Homes

When it comes to the installation of windows in newly built homes, two situations arise that can affect the type of windows being used. The first involves the purchase of a home where the building contractor makes decisions about the…

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How the Right Windows Can Cut the Cost of Painting Your Home

  Many homeowners suffer sticker shock after receiving an exterior estimate from their painting contractors. Most often, the homes in question are older homes or those with dated window frames. The reason for the higher cost is the extensive labor…

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Why Great Windows Are Worth the Cost

Knowing which replacement window to buy can be difficult. There are many types and styles to choose from, and every seller seems to offer a deal. Sometimes homeowners come up against less-than-reliable customer sales reps that promise them a great…

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What Are the Benefits of Natural Light in Your Home?

Have you ever stepped outside on a sunny day and immediately felt your spirits lift? Natural light improves our mood, helps us sleep well, and is generally good for our health. It would follow, then, that the more natural light…

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August 16, 2017 - Adequate insulation is a "must have" for any home in order to be comfortable, have lower utility bills, and to conserve energy.

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August 9, 2017 - A pet door for a dog or cat can be installed in an exterior door, screen, window or patio door or through a wall.

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