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Beauty, Security and Efficiency – Just Three Reasons to Get a Custom Door for Your Atlanta Home

Monday, August 15th, 2016

Atlanta decorative doorDo you ever stop to ask yourself what makes your home, YOUR home? Sure, a piece of paper says you’re the owner, whether you have a deed or a mortgage, but your home is more than a piece of paper. Your home is part of who you are, it’s your personal retreat or refuge from the world. It’s where you go after work, where your kids play after school and where most of your memories will be made. So, what makes your home YOUR home? Besides the people inside of it, it’s the details that uniquely identify your home. Things like the paint color, the garden you dug and maintain underneath the living room window, the windows themselves and, of course, the mechanism that separates YOUR home from the rest of the world, the doors. (more…)

5 Custom Front Doors That You Should Consider

Monday, April 18th, 2016
Atlanta Door - Fiberglass

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The entrance to a home should be as welcoming as the people on the inside of it.  A door is more than just the centerpiece, it’s the first thing people see when they walk up to your home. Show people who walk up to your house a true reflection of yourself and your family.  Invite them into your home through a custom entrance.  Below are five custom front doors that you should consider. (more…)

North Georgia Replacement Windows Now Carries MaxCraft Doors

Monday, August 25th, 2014

We have always offered a wide selection of window and door replacement options to our customers, and that selection keeps getting bigger. We are very pleased to announce that we now carry the full line of MaxCraft entry doors.


Choosing the Right Front Door for Your Home in Atlanta

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

Peachtree_doorThere are crawl space doors, double doors, patio doors, decorative doors and much, much more.

No matter what your need, if you’re in the market for replacement or new doors in Atlanta, North Georgia Replacement Windows (NGRW) has you covered. But NGRW isn’t just your run of the mill company – they treat every customer with individualized care depending on their situation. Here’s how:

Step 1: Observe: The professionals at NGRW will look and analyze your home and architecture to give homeowners the options that will best work with their situation. Homeowners can even bring in a photo of their home, which NGRW can input into a special software program to change out the door to give homeowners a better sense of what their choices will look like after installation. It’s essentially a “try it before you buy it” program.

Step 2: Decide: Aside from aesthetics and style, there are various other factors that must be considered when weighing replacement door options. How much privacy is desired? What is the homeowner’s budget for a new door? What type of materials do they like? Picking a new door isn’t always an easy decision – that’s why NGRW offers custom door design and installation to suit the wants and needs of any customer.

Step 3: Other Considerations: There are frame options, finish options, hardware and sizes. NGRW will handle all of this so selecting a door creates little to no inconvenience to the homeowner. Doors are installed correctly and seamlessly by its team of certified professionals who are fully insured and bonded.

Just because it’s worth mentioning again, NGRW also is more than happy to custom design doors so the homeowner can get exactly what they’re looking for. Any style, any material, any type and any application – it can all be custom designed so that all parties are completely satisfied.

For more information on North Georgia Replacement Windows and its custom door design and replacement services, contact the company today at 770-888-1604 or by visiting