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A Look into the Future: Windows as Solar Cells

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

Even our experts at North Georgia Replacement Windows couldn’t have predicted even a few years ago that the windows in our homes and buildings could be used as an efficient power source. It may sound absurd, but a recently innovative technology design may forever alter the way we use energy. Thanks to the folks at Michigan State University, the world’s first transparent solar cell has been created.


Control Window Replacement Costs with These Three Tips

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Upon initial thought, the idea of setting a budget for a window replacement project may seem overwhelming. However, it is possible to control your costs and still get the energy efficient windows you have been longing for. In efforts to help balance your budget without compromising quality, North Georgia Replacement Windows has put together the following three tips to help control your window replacement costs:

1. Buy quality, not brand names – While some brands have a history of quality, there are others that are more expensive without any extra benefit. At North Georgia Replacement Windows, we only provide and install quality products. Although we do sell popular name brand windows, we provide them for the benefits they may offer to certain customers, not for the label they contain. Our window selection is one we offer because we know they’ll look great and last for years. We encourage everyone to do their research on brands, but perhaps a more educated approach would be to put just as much focus, if not more, on the advantages and performance of the windows themselves (i.e. frame material, glass package, thermal performance, etc.).

2. Know what types of windows affect price – Although we offer an assortment of window brands, there are three main overall types of windows: vinyl, milled PVC, and clad. Without compromising the quality and performance of the windows themselves, each type carries its own advantages and disadvantages, such as their ability to be painted, their warranties, and namely, their price. From least to most economical respectively, these three types of windows should be considered when keeping in line with your budget.

3. Buy what’s right for you – With all of the options available in today’s market of replacement windows, it’s easy to become confused. To make sure you stay in line with your budget, do some research and make a list of exactly what is important to you in finding the perfect replacement window (i.e. the ability to be able to paint/stain, exterior colors, grid options, etc). Our team will work with you to give you the products and services you desire without pressuring you to buy ‘extras’ simply for our gain. When you have what you want in mind, it is easier to remain focused and not be persuaded into buying something you don’t really need.

To find out more about quality products and receive a free quote for your window replacement cost from trusted consultants at North Georgia Replacement Windows, simply give us a call at 770-888-1604.

Changing from Double Hung to Casement Style Windows

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

If you travel around the state of Georgia, there is one common window type and style that you will find on most of the homes. Everyone seems to have double hung style windows with grids (also called dividers, muntins). Why is this? Because this is what we’ve always had. Well, there’s good news for those who want to improve upon the old and not always go with the status quo.

It’s true; most people still replace their windows with the same style that is currently in their home. However, there are many more options available when it comes to replacement windows. A couple of years ago, I replaced all the double hung windows in my home with casement style windows. I also know of four other window business owners who did the same. It was a decision that I couldn’t be happier with. So what do we know that the average window buyer may not…

Unlike double hung windows that lift up and down vertically, casement windows operate outward by cranking a handle. The newer casement style windows have many advantages over the older models like new sleek folding handles and even a feature that allows the windows to be cleaned from the inside. Casement windows can be made to open ventilating to the left or right depending on your preference and/or your home’s orientation. Casement windows are also available with most of the same aesthetic options as double hung style windows, like the grids in between or bonded on the glass.

Casement style windows also have some advantages over the traditional double hung windows, such as expansive open views with no horizontal obstruction. Casement windows are a perfect fit for kitchen applications where it’s difficult to reach over a sink to open. They can usually be mixed seamlessly with double hung style windows because, in the closed position, they look like most any other fixed window. One of the biggest advantages to casement windows is they are some of the most energy efficient windows available. Casement windows seal up tighter than double hung windows, providing superior protection against the elements.

Most window manufacturers make casement style windows and they are available in a variety of different frame materials. North Georgia Replacement Windows recommends casement windows that are made from maintenance free materials such as new PVC resin vinyl, composite milled PVC, and wood clad options. We also offer plenty of premium brands of casement windows like Peachtree, Pella, Vytex, Alside and more. The cost of casement windows are only about 10% more than the cost of double hungs (depending on the brand), therefore they are also a great value.

If it fits your style, home architecture and budget, consider a casement style window over a traditional double hung on your next window replacement project. You may be surprised at the beautiful and energy efficient transformation that casement windows can provide for your home.

To learn more and discuss what style of window would best suit your home, contact North Georgia Replacement Windows at (770) 888-1604 or via our online form. We’d love to hear from you!