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Infinity from Marvin’s Top Design Trends for 2018

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

As winter turns to spring, many homeowners will be inspecting their weathered window exteriors and wondering whether it’s time to make an upgrade. If recent storms and years of exposure to the sun and other harsh elements have worn away the appearance of your window finishes, you can save yourself the hassle of maintenance by upgrading to more durable, high-performance Infinity® from Marvin Replacement Windows, which are available in more exterior and interior finishes than ever before.

As home design trends evolve, we’ve updated our line of finish options to give customers better choices when choosing finishes that suit their home exteriors and interiors. This includes a new exterior finish that offers a modern take on a classic look. Here’s a look at the most popular window design trends for 2018, as well as what you gain by upgrading to Infinity Replacement Windows.

The Importance of a Superior Finish

Windows are an investment in your home, and a quality finish is one of the best ways to protect that investment. Infinity from Marvin windows are designed to offer exceptional durability against the elements that degrade window finishes over time. This includes a mechanically bonded finish that is up to three times thicker than finishes from competing window brands, providing superior resistance to both scratches and UV degradation. This means your finishes will maintain their look and sheen for much longer than what you get from competing window brands.

Window finishes

To extend the life of your windows, Infinity from Marvin windows incorporate acrylic into its finish to maximize color retention and window durability. Over time, this means less maintenance for homeowners and an appearance that will continue to look new years after the windows have been installed.

Taking Stock of Interior and Exterior Options

Both exterior and interior finishes are available in a range of options to suit your preferred color schemes and your sense of style. While Stone White is the standard color used for both interior and exterior finishes, interior color options also include Sierra and EverWood®, a stainable woodgrain interior finish that you can match perfectly to your existing woodwork.

For exterior window colors, homeowners can choose from Sierra, Cashmere, Pebble Gray, Bahama Brown and Bronze, as well as Ebony, a new addition to the Infinity from Marvin lineup. But if these stock options aren’t what you’re looking for, these replacement windows can be painted any color you want, giving you endless options as you seek out the perfect look.

Introducing Ebony, a Classic but Modern Exterior

A new addition to Marvin’s Wood-Ultrex line of products is Ebony, an exterior finish offering a classic but modern look that maintains its look over time. Darker colors like ebony have historically been difficult to use as an exterior color because the materials used to produce these colors tended to degrade quickly over time, causing the products to fade or take on a chalky appearance.

That’s no longer the case. The patented Ultrex finish used on Marvin Infinity Windows is perfectly suited to resist scratching, fading, sun damage, cracking and other signs of wear and tear that are easy to spot on dark exterior finishes. This mechanically bonded finish is five times more resistant to UV damage than other competing finishes, ensuring that your Ebony window finish will continue to look great even after years of exposure to the elements.

Don’t sacrifice style just because you want a window that is resistant to damage and deterioration. Choose the right windows with the right kind of finish and you can get the best of both worlds: Stunning new windows that will maintain their look for years to come.

How Infinity from Marvin Replacement Window Glass Can Help Soundproof Your Home

Wednesday, December 20th, 2017

Infinity from Marvin Replacement Window

Most people live in homes exposed to some degree of noise. If you live on a high-traffic street or within audible range of an airport, you likely want to consider upgrading your windows to reduce how much of this sound can be heard inside your home.

Infinity® from Marvin Replacement Windows offers several options for installing replacement windows that make a significant difference in the amount of sound that travels through your glass. Interested homeowners have three options when shopping for replacement window glass: Standard Transmission Class (STC) glass, which acts as a buffer for the typical sounds generated inside or near your home; Outdoor/Indoor Transmission Class (OITC) glass, which covers a wider range of frequencies to mitigate sound coming from highways, trains and airplanes; and glass featuring a layer of PVB laminate, which is designed for noise mitigation as well as increased security.

When you shop with North Georgia Replacement Windows, we’ll help you pick out the right glass to address your specific needs. Here are some of the glass features we use to mitigate sound and improve the peacefulness of your home’s interior.

Glass Thickness

A window pane’s thickness is one of the most basic factors affecting the amount of sound audible through the glass. In general, a thicker pane will prove more effective at reducing sound than a thinner pane. Testing from Cardinal Glass has found that increasing glass thickness from 3 mm to 6 mm can increase the window’s acoustical glass rating by four to six points, an improvement that will be clearly audible to any homeowner.

For most homes, glass thickness exceeding 6 mm thick is unnecessary and may distort the quality of your view. In addition to thickness, there are other steps to improve your replacement glass’s sound mitigation.

Acoustic Air Gaps

Air gaps are a common feature in insulated windows to reduce the amount of audible sound passing through the glass. This airspace can range from 6.5 mm to 19.5 mm in width, providing a buffer to sound from the outside. An air gap increases the STC rating (an average amount of noise stopped at various frequencies and measured in decibels) of a window by effectively absorbing some of the sound waves passing through, instead of allowing a hard material to serve as a conductor. The larger the air gap, the higher the STC your window pane will have, and this air gap will help reduce noise without compromising the clarity of your window.

Acoustical values of glass

Although both argon and oxygen may be used to fill the air gap between two glass panes, testing has shown no significant or acoustical sound difference in performance between the two gases.

PVB Laminate

Unlike STC and OITC glass, PVB laminate is a relatively new addition to the Infinity from Marvin family. PVB laminate is a great choice for any home where increased noise attenuation is required, such as homes directly on busy streets or in close proximity to airports. PVB interlayers provide a solid sound buffer that reduces noise in collaboration with air gaps and thickened glass. Our customers can choose special PVB laminate inserts specially designed for sound reduction performance.

This laminate layer offers other features that homeowners will enjoy, including increased security if someone tries to break into your home. Much like your car’s windshield, PVB windows won’t shatter when struck by a hard object, and they require significant force to create a large opening in the glass. PVB inserts can also stop 95 percent of damaging UV rays from entering your home, protecting your furniture and other interior surfaces.

Outside noise can be a headache for homeowners, but replacement windows can make a big difference overnight. Call now to explore your options for higher-quality glass and a quiet, comfortable home.

Why NG Windows Is Georgia’s Choice for Window Replacement

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

ng windows

Choosing a contractor to work on your home can be a time-consuming and challenging decision. With so many options in the greater Atlanta area, finding a company that is trustworthy, reliable, and has the best products and craftsmanship can mean long searches online, reading dozens of reviews, and asking friends and neighbors for recommendations. As homeowners ourselves, we know this better than anyone. That’s why when we founded North Georgia Replacement Windows, we set our sights on being not just the best in Atlanta, but the best in the whole state. To do that, we had to understand what “ordinary” contractors did, and how we could provide a higher level of service for all our customers.


When you work with a bad contractor, the signs are obvious from the start. Sleazy salesmen, bad advice, shoddy products, poor craftsmanship, long work delays, rising costs, unreliable customer service… the list goes on and on. From day one, we’ve taken steps to fight these cliché issues with contractors and make our company one that people can trust for their home improvement needs. Here’s a few of the many reasons we are Georgia’s choice for window replacement!


We’re Straight Talkers

Every customer deserves a fair deal and respect. Too many contractors give the industry a bad name by selling hardworking homeowners a product or service they don’t need at a price that isn’t fair. At NG Windows, we’re honest with every person that comes in the door, giving a fair quote and an honest assessment of how we can help. By providing this concierge level of service, we have built a customer base that would recommend us to their neighbors 98% of the time! Everywhere you look online, our reviews speak for themselves. Doing business the right way from the first conversation all the way until the project is complete is the only way we operate.


We Only Offer the Best Products and Service

When you talk to NG Windows, you can rest assured knowing we only sell the highest quality products and have them installed by our fully certified team. But just because we sell the best products doesn’t mean they will cost you an arm and a leg. We have a variety of financing options to help you get your replacement windows taken care of without breaking the bank. Best of all, our warranty guarantees if you have any issues, we won’t stop until we’ve found a solution. We take great pride in our work, the products we offer, the team that makes it all happen, and every happy customer we help.

ng windows

We’ve Earned Respect

It’s one thing to run a great company, but it’s another to be recognized for all the consistent and trustworthy work we put in. That’s why we were so honored to be named Window and Door Magazine’s “Dealer of the Year in the Homeowner Market,” chosen out of thousands of contractors around the country. Additionally, our manufacturer partners recognize our skill and reliability. As Georgia’s only Infinity from Marvin authorized retailer, we have earned the respect of one of the leaders in window products and are proud to sell and install their amazing fiberglass windows. We’re proud to have built a reputation of quality amongst our many customers, neighbors, and industry partners.


Too many times, we talk to customers that went with another contractor and were sold an inferior product that has cost them more time, energy, and money. If you’re looking for a Georgia contractor that will treat you with respect and deliver on their promises, look no further than North Georgia Replacement Windows. Have questions about your windows and want to know if it’s time to replace them? NG Windows can help you understand your options. Come by and visit us at our showroom at 1210 Warsaw Rd., Suite 1000, Roswell, GA 30076, or give us a call at 770.888.1604 to schedule a free consultation and see why we are Georgia’s number one choice!

Why Marvin Infinity Fiberglass Windows are Right For You

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Marvin Infinity Windows - North Georgia

Replacing your windows shouldn’t be a hassle.  In fact, with NG Windows red carpet treatment to every house we work in, it’s anything but a hassle for homeowners.  There’s more than just the way you should be treated though, the amazing product you’ll end up with will make your decision worth it in the end.  All of our products are maintenance free and would be incredible additions to your home, but if you are the type of person who won’t settle for anything but top of the line then  Marvin Infinity Fiberglass Windows are right for you. (more…)

Milled PVC – Long Lasting, Maintenance Free

Thursday, January 14th, 2016

Milled PVC Window Double Hung

You like the idea of vinyl windows, but aren’t sold on some of the characteristics of it.  Sure, they’re long-lasting and economical but they just don’t have the characteristics you’re looking for.  They’re customizable – to an extent, but they don’t quite have the charm you’re looking for.  There is a maintenance free option that retains the feel of your current windows yet will stand the test of time due to the material; milled PVC.

What Is the Difference Between Milled PVC and Vinyl?

Vinyl is another word for PVC, so, technically milled PVC is a vinyl window, yet because of the way it’s milled, or constructed, it’s highly customizable, unlike what most people think of as a traditional vinyl window.  In fact, milled PVC is so customizable that many homeowners in historical neighborhoods will replace their wooden windows with milled PVC to retain the beauty of their home and stay within their HOA guidelines.

Imagine having the beauty and charm of wood windows, but without the possibility of peeling, splintering, rotting or becoming a meal for insects!  That’s the beauty of milled PVC.

Is it Better?

Despite the fact that milled PVC and vinyl windows are cousins in construction material, the products are different enough to not be compared side by side.  Milled PVC is stronger than vinyl and architecturally resembles a wood window.  When PVC is milled it is able to be more structurally sound because it features foam or cell-structure inside, compared to traditional vinyl, which is hollow.   Milled PVC is thicker than vinyl and not prone to warping after a number of years as vinyl sometimes does.

Due to the technical process of manufacturing milled PVC it is able to replicate the amount of glass, therefore the amount of light allowed into the room, as wood windows.  Vinyl, on the other hand, will not have the same amount of space for the window pane as milled PVC.

Of course, when you’re considering costs for replacement windows, quality is something to keep in mind.  The cost of milled PVC will go up based on how custom it’s needed.  Keep in mind also, that milled PVC will come unfinished so that you can choose the color, much like a wood window.  You’ll need to take into account the cost to paint the windows as well.

North Georgia Replacement Windows replaces windows for life.  If you’re looking to replace your windows, talk to us about milled PVC.  Like our other products, we use the industry leader in milled PVC, Precision Millworks.  Whether you’re replacing your windows for aesthetics, energy efficiency or your current windows just aren’t functional anymore, NG Windows has your solution.  Visit us at our showroom to start getting a feel for what is right for you.

A Look into the Future: Windows as Solar Cells

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

Even our experts at North Georgia Replacement Windows couldn’t have predicted even a few years ago that the windows in our homes and buildings could be used as an efficient power source. It may sound absurd, but a recently innovative technology design may forever alter the way we use energy. Thanks to the folks at Michigan State University, the world’s first transparent solar cell has been created.


Choose North Georgia Replacement Windows for Your Insulation Needs

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

An adequately insulated house is essential for multiple reasons, including keeping the interior of your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Poorly performing attics, basements and crawlspaces account for nearly half of a house’s energy loss. This can translate to substantial heating costs, especially in older homes. Your utility bills are not the only thing that can be saved by adding insulation. Here are a few more reasons why you should schedule a free appointment with a North Georgia Replacement Windows consultant!


NG Windows Is Euro-Wall’s Preferred Atlanta Distributor

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

We have distinguished ourselves from other contractors doing window replacement in Atlanta, Ga., with our superior customer service. However, did you know that even door and window suppliers love working with us? Out of all of the Atlanta replacement windows installation companies in Atlanta, Euro-Wall has chosen North Georgia Replacement Windows as its preferred Atlanta distributor.

We are very pleased with this designation and are thrilled to be able to offer our customers the superior quality of Euro-Wall’s products.


Asking the Ethical Questions

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

Hiring any Atlanta replacement windows contractor can be a stressful ordeal, particularly for homeowners with little to no experience dealing with service specialists. You work hard for your money and deserve to know everything about the company you choose to hire. We are fully aware of the apprehensions customers can have regarding integrity, professional demeanor and past experience. Trust us, these feelings are completely normal and justified, so we take it upon ourselves to set the record straight.


Taking the “Panes” out of Business

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Click here to view the article with pictures!


If you’re considering new windows for your next home improvement project, North Georgia Replacement Windows (NGRW) can fit your needs with a variety of products, no matter your style, architecture or budget. The company offers all types of replacement windows, including wood-clad, milled PVC composite and new PVC resin vinyl in any color, using only premium products made by Weathershield, Pella, Vytex, ThermaTru, Clark Hall and more. And they can help with more than just windows, offering installation for insulated fiberglass doors, custom hand-forged iron doors, door hardware, blown-in fiberglass and thermal reflective insulation, sunrooms, decorative glass overlays and no-rot shutters. In order to help customers make an educated decision about the products, NGRW has a showroom conveniently located at the corner of Mansell and Warsaw roads, just 1 mile west of GA 400, displaying a wide variety of windows and doors. In addition, their new and improved Web site, which launched last year, allows potential customers to request a free, in-home proposal, see products, read blogs and more.

NGRW is well-qualified for your home improvement project. The company is a state-licensed residential and light commercial general contractor and is fully insured with general liability and bonded insurance as well as workers comp. They are also an EPA lead-certified firm to work on homes built before 1978. In addition, NGRW has received numerous accolades for their premium service, including:

  • Consumers’ Choice Award winner for business excellence from 2009 – 2011
  • Rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau
  • Rated 5-Star on
  • Super Service Award winner from Angie’s List in 2011

But perhaps the company’s greatest honors have been the positive testimonies from past customers.

“They are very professional about the way that everyone conducts themselves,” said customers Mike & Mary Thomas of Alpharetta. “They deal in facts and back their talk with positive actions. They do not try to sell you. Their methodology is to educate you to become an informed buyer. In the past two years, we have now used them to replace 50 of our windows via three separate installations. Each experience was perfect. Quality, professionalism, a fair price.”

The option to spread your project out among multiple installations is appealing to many customers, and NGRW allows customers to choose to complete as many windows as they would like to do at one time with no minimum quantities, all while creating a plan to achieve consistency in look and a price guarantee for the entire project.

“We are constantly trying to improve,” said co-owner Ted Kirk. “We have an independent third party, Guild Quality, which conducts surveys with every customer to make sure we are exceeding expectations. Guild Quality does this by phone, mail or e-mail and it takes only 3 – 5 minutes.”
This commitment to continual improvement has benefitted numerous customers and led to great success for NGRW.

Kirk attributes the company’s success to creating a business plan every year, not just the first year of business. “We use this plan as our road map to outline our goals and how we will get there. We have a clear understanding of our organization’s unique selling proposition, how we will conduct our marketing and understand our finances. We create a successful strategy involving our entire team and hold everyone accountable for the execution. That’s how we thrived even in a tough economy. Serve and honor your customers like they are the reason you’re in business … because they are.”

North Georgia Replacement Windows
Owners: Ted Kirk and Jonathan Collum
1210 Warsaw Road, Suite 1000
Roswell, GA 30076