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4 Good Things You Didn’t Know About Casement Windows

Friday, February 27th, 2015

Casement windows can be found in many homes in Georgia. They feature a simple design and are ultra-convenient when installed in certain spaces, such as above kitchen sinks. These windows are equipped with a single sash hinge situated on the side and open vertically via a crank-operated handle. Ease of use is one of the many benefits offered by casements, which explains their popularity in the new housing construction market. Casement windows also provide one of the most expansive views.


Premium Weather Shield Windows & Doors by North Georgia Windows

Friday, July 26th, 2013

weathershield_2The recent tornadoes here in North Georgia highlight the importance of weather-resilient windows and doors on our homes and office buildings. Quality products that hold up against nature’s angry outbursts and stand the test of time are what we carry at North Georgia Replacement Windows. One of our favorite product lines is Weather Shield Windows and Doors, and by the name alone you can probably guess why.

Weather Shield Windows and Doors set the standard for durability and quality in manufacturing. Based in Wisconsin, Weather Shield has been custom crafting superior window and door products for well over 50 years, with an ongoing dedication to innovation and performance.  Their impact-resistant windows are designed to withstand hurricane-force winds and flying debris.

But Weather Shield Windows offers much more than protection from the elements. With their TriCore™ Frame Technology, they prevent the transfer of extreme temperatures to the interior of your home, providing outstanding energy efficiency. Additionally, these technological advancements in frame design help to improve structural performance by allowing the window to be less susceptible to severe heat or cold, thereby reducing the typical expansion and contraction most windows endure. The sub frames on Weather Shield Windows are fusion welded to virtually eliminate air leakage at the window joints, and foam weather stripping completes the seal to create a window that is practically airtight, when you want it to be.

North Georgia Replacement Windows carries a wide range of Weather Shield superior quality product lines, including their Premium and Aspire series, as well as their EnduraShield products, which are perfect for residential and light commercial construction projects. These are fiberglass-clad wood windows and doors, which offer the same strength, durability and energy efficiency that Weather Shield is so well known for in the western United States. As an authorized Weather Shield dealer, North Georgia Replacement Windows is excited to offer such superb quality to our customers throughout the southeast. We have full working samples in our Roswell showroom, which we encourage you to visit today to see for yourself all the attributes and benefits available from Weather Shield Windows and Doors!

Are Double-Hung Replacement Windows Right for Your Project?

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

double-hung-windowsAre Double-Hung Replacement Windows Right for Your Project?

Did you know that certain types of home window installations can help you save money on energy costs during those hot Georgia summers? Whether your house is undergoing a remodel or a series of repairs, choosing the right replacement windows for your project can make a difference in the look and feel of your home, as well as your wallet. If conserving money and energy without sacrificing the decorative details of your home are factors in deciding which windows to install, then double-hung replacement windows may be the solution.

Double-hung windows are the most common type of window in American homes. These windows make an attractive option because they are relatively inexpensive, complement other window styles well, may be installed to stand alone as a single unit or make an impact in multiples, and their construction allows for easy cleaning.

Perhaps the best feature of double-hung replacement windows is that they may be utilized as an energy-efficient method of cooling down your home in the summer. Simply lower the top sash three inches, raise the bottom sash three inches, and you have an electricity-free air conditioner! This works by directing humid air out the top crack of the window, while allowing cool air to flow into the house through the bottom portion.

North Georgia Windows provides a variety of double-hung replacement windows with advantages that include:

  • Tightly sealed weather-stripping to keep out dirt, noise, water and air
  • Hidden screen tracks that enhance the windows’ aesthetics
  • Drop-in glazing for an additional layer of energy efficiency
  • Easy-to-operate windows without the use of pulleys, weights and sash cords

Are you ready to go with the right windows for your home? North Georgia Windows is your reliable expert on installing and repairing double-hung replacement windows. Contact us by calling 770-888-1604, or fill out our online form to request a free proposal.

The Benefits of Fiberglass Replacement Windows

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

fiberglass-windowsThe Benefits of Infinity Fiberglass Replacement Windows

There are a handful of options on the market when it comes to replacement windows for your home. Aluminum, vinyl and wood are commonly used window materials, covering an expanse of variations in price and durability as they pertain to the architecture of a house. However, infinty fiberglass replacement windows is an option that is growing in popularity. If you are unfamiliar with the virtues of this up-and-coming material, here are some benefits of fiberglass replacement windows:

Fiberglass is resistant to hot and cold extremes; therefore, fiberglass replacement windows are suitable for any climate. The material is less likely to expand, shrink, crack, warp, fade, peel, sag or rot, and it is chemical-resistant. Additionally, fiberglass is low-maintenance, and its integrity can be preserved for years on end.

Energy Efficiency
As you may already know in the context of your home’s attic, fiberglass is a substance that insulates a space. So, in contrast to other window types, fiberglass windows do not require a thermal barrier (e.g. polyamide strips). Also, because fiberglass does not expand or shrink, the likelihood of air leaks is decreased. Overall, infinity fiberglass replacement windows can reduce your utility bills.

Environmental Friendliness
The energy used to manufacture fiberglass windows is exponentially less than what is required of other window types. First, fiberglass is constructed of silica sand, a sustainable resource that is already abundant. Second, fiberglass’s longevity means it doesn’t have to be replaced as often. Less waste means less negative impact on the environment!

Aesthetic Friendliness
Fiberglass can be made to look like high-end wood windows by mimicking wood grain on the window’s interior and matching its exterior color to the outside of the house. Moreover, fiberglass windows can be painted — and they hold the hue!

Fiberglass replacement windows are versatile and come in many styles such as awning, casement, double-hung and more. The price of fiberglass windows is moderate, costing more than vinyl but less than wood. Ultimately, infinity fiberglass is a worthwhile investment in terms of strength, endurance and appearance.

To increase the resale value of your home with fiberglass replacement windows, call on North Georgia Windows to install them for you. Our expert team will ensure that your home receives the best-looking windows at the right price. Contact us at 770-888-1604 for an estimate today.

What Kind of Exterior Shutters are Best for Your Home?

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

bahama-shuttersWhat Kind of Exterior Shutters are Best for Your Home?

Shutters flanking the windows to your home are more than just a popular decorative style for building exteriors. Did you know that they are functional, too? They are designed to protect houses against extreme weather, from heat waves to hurricanes. No matter where you live in Georgia, window shutters offer shelter as well as beauty to any abode.

There are several types of exterior shutters Atlanta homeowners may find useful — but which kind is right for your residence? Aesthetics and accessibility are factors to consider when choosing a shutter style. Perhaps your home requires shutters that are period-appropriate and look authentic, yet simply need to remain stationary. Or, if you need functional shutters, you may want a mechanism that is easy to use.

A few kinds of popular exterior shutters include:

Bahama Shutters
These top-mounted shutters close quickly if needed, especially in the event of strong winds. Bahama shutters are so effective, it’s no wonder they are named after the storm-heavy tropical island!

Board-and-Batten Shutters
Slats of wood arranged to look like a slab panel make up the design of these shutters. They are mounted on each side of the window and meet in the center when closed.

Louvered Shutters
The louvered variety is mounted and function the same as board-and-batten shutters. However, louvered shutters resemble horizontal blinds, with adjustable stacked slats that control the flow of air against the house.

Panel Shutters
Panel shutters are also installed and used just like board-and-batten and louvered shutters. Twin slab panels with recessed shapes make panel shutters an effective and attractive choice for many homeowners.

Whether you desire pure decoration or you’re aiming for energy efficiency for your home, the best exterior shutters Atlanta has to offer may be found at North Georgia Windows. Contact us to browse our selection of maintenance-free shutters that come in a variety of materials, styles and colors.