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Sealing the Deal: How to Avoid Surprise Costs with Replacement Windows

Saturday, May 4th, 2013


Purchasing replacement windows for your home is more than just flipping through a catalog, picking your favorite deigns, and them having them installed. There are many factors that go into choosing the right windows and it is important to know what you’re paying for, before you hire a contractor. Criteria such as the amount of windows needed for the house and level of energy efficiency all affect the price of a replacement window installation.

So, what can you expect when a contractor comes back to you with a proposal figure? Here are some examples of what influences how much you pay for replacement window installation services:

The size of the windows is a major factor in price. If your home requires standard size windows, the cost is affordable. Overly large or odd-shaped windows will force a jump in cost, so expect to pay a little more for custom-built pieces or windows that require safety glass.

Material matters when it comes to the efficacy of your windows. Vinyl is an inexpensive option that requires little maintenance. Fiberglass and wood clad windows are considered high-end materials, with wood requiring painting on the interior which increases the costs.

Windows come in multiple insulation levels: double or triple pane glass with Low E coatings. The higher the insulation level, the higher the cost and the better the windows will perform to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Condition of Current Frames
Another consideration with the price of replacement window installation is the condition of your home’s existing window frames. Typically, the existing frame is used in a replacement window job. However, if there is damage to the frames, (if they are warped, moldy, or rotten) repairs or a total renovation may be in order. Of course, this can up the cost of installation.

Installation fees are also tacked on to the cost of replacement windows. Fees that cover removing and disposing of the old windows should also be included. Double-check with the window contractor to ensure that you know the costs of these additional services up-front with things like replacing rotted wood, exterior clean-up and painting.

The Window Installation Process: How Homeowners Can Prepare

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Atlanta Window InstallersAt North Georgia Replacement Windows, we put our customer first. The following tips are things that every homeowner should consider when they are having any window work done to ensure that their property is protected and that their daily schedule is impacted as little as possible.

  • Move any pictures, mirrors, and other items in neighboring rooms away from walls adjacent to the installation area. You don’t want vibrations from the construction to break them.
  • Decide how active you want to be in the design process. Some people want to be involved in every single choice. Others want their contractor to explain the options and then they can simply choose. It will be important to let your contractor know how involved you want to be—it will help them determine how they should work with you.
  • You should ask the contractor the order in which the windows in the various rooms will be done. If one is a room you use daily, perhaps you can arrange for it to be done quickly while you’re out on errands or working from another room.
  • Remove all necessities and valuables from wherever the work is being done so you have better access to them. It’s a good idea to remove items that could get broken (such as a valuable vase) from the immediate area where windows are being replaced. Contractors are used to working around furnishings, but it never hurts to give them more space and take extra precautions.
  • Make plans to keep pets and children as isolated as possible from the work area. While contractors are used to working around people, distractions such as children and pets will only slow the job down and could even prove dangerous. You don’t want children and pets running around in rooms where people are carrying windows with large panes of glass.
  • Take down all curtains, blinds, and any other window treatments, and check your yard for any plants or bushes that may need to be trimmed away from the windows. The replacement crew will need about two feet of space in front of each window, so go ahead and prepare this area for them. This will reduce the amount of time it takes the workers to install your windows, which will also save you money if you are being charged by the hour.
  • Remove any security sensors from the windows, and turn off your security system. Contact your security company to inform them that you are installing new windows and will need them to reconnect the alarms once the windows are installed.

Don’t let your old windows keep costing you energy savings and more. Replace them affordably, efficiently, and beautifully today! Call us at 770.888.1604 to learn more.