Reflective Insulation

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Reflective Insulation: a barrier against the hot sun


thermal reflective insulationThis type of thermal attic insulation is a thin metallic sheet that’s attached to the underside of your roof. Without it, the sun’s heat is absorbed into your home. With it, that heat is reflected back. So it’s perfect for Southern summers. In fact, the hotter the sun, the better it works. 

Keeping your attic cooler in the summer also means the HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard. That makes the ongoing use of air conditioning more cost-effective. So the insulation you have installed will work for you in two different ways, year after year.

Blocking up to 97% of radiant heat, reflective insulation is different from other forms of insulation. Instead of slowing the transfer of summer heat into the house, it actually reflects that heat back into the environment. Experts often recommend that reflective thermal insulation be used together with other home insulation for the greatest degree of comfort and energy savings.

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Smart homeowners only work with certified insulation specialists. For other insulation options, check out Spray Foam Insulation and Blow-in Insulation.

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