The recent tornadoes here in North Georgia highlight the importance of weather-resilient windows and doors on our homes and office buildings. Quality products that hold up against nature’s angry outbursts and stand the test of time are what we carry at North Georgia Replacement Windows. One of our favorite product lines is Weather Shield Windows and Doors, and by the name alone you can probably guess why.

Weather Shield Windows and Doors set the standard for durability and quality in manufacturing. Based in Wisconsin, Weather Shield has been custom crafting superior window and door products for well over 50 years, with an ongoing dedication to innovation and performance.  Their impact-resistant windows are designed to withstand hurricane-force winds and flying debris.

But Weather Shield Windows offers much more than protection from the elements. With their TriCore™ Frame Technology, they prevent the transfer of extreme temperatures to the interior of your home, providing outstanding energy efficiency. Additionally, these technological advancements in frame design help to improve structural performance by allowing the window to be less susceptible to severe heat or cold, thereby reducing the typical expansion and contraction most windows endure. The sub frames on Weather Shield Windows are fusion welded to virtually eliminate air leakage at the window joints, and foam weather stripping completes the seal to create a window that is practically airtight, when you want it to be.

North Georgia Replacement Windows carries a wide range of Weather Shield superior quality product lines, including their Premium and Aspire series, as well as their EnduraShield products, which are perfect for residential and light commercial construction projects. These are fiberglass-clad wood windows and doors, which offer the same strength, durability and energy efficiency that Weather Shield is so well known for in the western United States. As an authorized Weather Shield dealer, North Georgia Replacement Windows is excited to offer such superb quality to our customers throughout the southeast. We have full working samples in our Roswell showroom, which we encourage you to visit today to see for yourself all the attributes and benefits available from Weather Shield Windows and Doors!