Watch out for fake reviews

Wow! I never thought someone would maliciously try to harm our business with such a nasty "fake" review, but it recently happened. Everyone knows that prospective customers rely on honest customer feedback to evaluate whether they want to contact a company and eventually work with them. For a company, your online reputation can make or break your business. At North Georgia Replacement Windows, we've always experienced such a wonderful reputation for doing great work, providing the highest quality windows, and always doing the right thing. Unfortunately, not everyone conducts themselves this way…

A couple of weeks ago a negative 'fake review' was placed front and center on our Google page. The post states lies about our business, our products, and our business partner, Marvin. At the same time, it also tries to elevate a competitor that we've heard the same untruths perpetuated from within their organization.

At this point, we are working with Google to go through the process of an investigation to ultimately have it removed. We're also working with others researching the source and simply mitigating any damage being caused to our business because of the defamation. The truth is, we have evolved in over 15 years of business by offering many different products. Now we only offer what we know to be the best window and material over anything out there- the Infinity from Marvin fiberglass window. Our customers agree which is probably why we have such a big bullseye on us. We've been offering the Infinity from Marvin fiberglass windows since 2015 and have never had problems with the quality or warranty. Someone once gave us some business advice that has always served us well. They said, "Stay focused on the positive things you have going on instead of the negative, and you will be just fine."

So I'll end with this, When you read business reviews, take a look at multiple sources, scan through to see if you can see patterns or scenarios that may seem fake (like promoting a competitor, motives, etc.), and know that companies and individuals can post both fake positive and fake negative reviews. Most of all, monitor your reputation online, whether it's for your business or personal life.