As we built North Georgia Replacement Windows from the ground up, we learned everything there is to know about window materials. Serving thousands of customers around the greater Atlanta area has given us experience with every kind of job and every window, and we’ve seen first-hand which products produce the best results and last the longest for our customers. After careful research and planning, we’re pivoting our award-winning business away from selling vinyl plastic windows, and we’ll tell you why!


  1. Vinyl windows are less reliable

In many cases, vinyl is a tough material, but with many vinyl windows, it’s the frames and components that can fail first and damage the window. In the ever-changing Georgia weather, vinyl windows can warp as the temperature heats and cools, causing breakage in the seal and frame and creating leaks. As these components expand and contract, it damages the window itself as it loosens in the frame and can completely fail. Even after our expert installation team successfully installs vinyl windows, we noticed we would have to help perform maintenance on them down the road. There had to be another material that would be more reliable.


  1. Vinyl windows are less attractive

Vinyl windows do not have the look or feel of a wood window, because of the way they are built, they can never capture the intricate design and clarity of other windows materials. You can’t paint them different colors, and in the Georgia sun, colors will fade with time, reducing the appeal of the window or requiring costly replacement. But the construction of the windows themselves also contributes to how they look. Because vinyl isn’t very strong, the frames are built bigger to support them. This design limits the amount of sunlight coming into the home and reduces the view outside. To truly serve our customers with the best products we had to find something that would look better for years to come in their homes.


  1. Vinyl windows require more maintenance

One of the biggest problems with vinyl windows is the range of quality. Some are built cheap, some are better, but all of them will require maintenance sooner or later. If it’s not one of the reasons listed above, it’s something else, like vinyl windows susceptibility to mold and mildew issues. We found after years of business, doing repairs and maintenance on aging windows was causing frustration for clients and a lot of work for our staff. To better provide the best solution to our customers, we had to find the one replacement window that would never need replacing.


After years of hard work, we’ve found the perfect window for every home and business in Georgia – INFINITY from Marvin! These fiberglass windows are better than vinyl windows in every possible category. They are designed to last forever, meaning less time, energy, and money spent replacing or repairing windows. It’s stronger and more stable, meaning smaller frames and less leaks or damages. And it’s designed by a wood window architect to be the most beautiful window ever, and the smaller frames allow more light in and a better view out. It’s obvious why INFINITY from Marvin is the best window, and it’s why we have pivoted to only sell this window and leave the weaker and less reliable materials in the past!


If you’re looking to replace your windows with windows that you’ll never need to replace, North Georgia Replacement Windows has INFINITY from Marvin fiberglass windows that will deliver the beauty, strength, and reliability you need. Have questions about your windows and want to know if it’s time to replace them? NG Windows can help you understand your options. Come by and visit us at our showroom at 1210 Warsaw Rd., Suite 1000, Roswell, GA 30076, or give us a call at 770.888.1604 to schedule a free consultation and see why we are Georgia’s number one choice!