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5 Custom Front Doors That You Should Consider

Monday, April 18th, 2016
Atlanta Door - Fiberglass

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The entrance to a home should be as welcoming as the people on the inside of it.  A door is more than just the centerpiece, it’s the first thing people see when they walk up to your home. Show people who walk up to your house a true reflection of yourself and your family.  Invite them into your home through a custom entrance.  Below are five custom front doors that you should consider. (more…)

Iron and Fiberglass Security Doors from Atlanta’s North Georgia Replacement Windows Provide the Optimal Protection

Monday, November 18th, 2013

NGRW_Blog_Door_Security111313Iron security doors protect you and your family against the elements and deter unwarranted intrusions by installing over your existing door. Additional features and fixtures help to enhance household safety, and the variety of styles allow you to choose the right door to fit your needs. These benefits and many others make iron security doors a prudent investment. If you combine a fiberglass door replacement in conjunction with an iron security door, you can realize some of the top door security features available in the Atlanta market.

One of the main security features is the multi-point locking system that engages with the door handle, which is preferable to deadbolts or regular handle sets. This system’s advanced features will provide you with peace-of-mind and a greater sense of security. Laminated security glass adds yet another layer of protection and does not shatter in case of an attempted break-in. Integration of doors and home security systems is a relatively easy process.

Alarms mount to doors via:

  • Surface mounted systems
  • Plunger style systems
  • Drill contacts into frames
  • Wired or wireless systems

Select door brands such as ThermaTru offer enhanced security strike plates that are designed to withstand more pressure, keeping them from breaking under stress. Whether you are looking for decorative iron security doors or regular models, available styles allow you to customize the look of your home. Optimizing home security makes smart sense given the risks thieves pose.

Iron security doors and fiberglass entry systems from Atlanta’s NGRW look sharp and are an effective method for preventing home intrusions. You have access to the doors and features you need to improve home aesthetics and safety when you deal with North Georgia Replacement Windows.

Custom Double Doors for the Atlanta Market

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

New Door Design to Replace 10 inch Side Lites and 10 inch Transoms with Double Doors.

North Georgia Replacement Windows has a new line of doors that we’re excited to offer customers in the Atlanta market.  The new doors are designed to replace the odd size 10 inch transom and side lite.  The new door configuration is a double panel design in which the top three quarters of the door are glass and the bottom ¼ has a nice decorative wood panel design.  The doors are a fiberglass shell for durability, low maintenance, and insulation and a hybrid mahogany top layer for a beautiful wood finish.

The door glass is available in three distinctive design options:

  1. Leaded Beveled Decorative Glass (Half Privacy)
  2. Simulated Divided Lite Low E Glass (See Through)
  3. Wrought Iron design (Full Privacy)

Please contact us immediately if you would like to switch out your old traditional wood door with 10 inch side lites and transoms with an exquisite new decorative double door.  Our door proposals include product taxes, installation, exterior trim, finish staining or painting and clean-up and disposal of old door and job related debris.  All custom double doors are on discount of 20% off.custom_double_doors-1 custom_double_doors-3 custom_double_doors-2

Is a Wrought Iron Entry Door Right for Your Home?

Saturday, May 4th, 2013


One of the first things guests see before stepping into your living space is the front door. First impressions are everything — so if you want to make a good one with your home, an impressive entryway is the way to “wow” people. Of course, a metal front door with dents and dings isn’t going to get a second glance — but a heavy, sturdy door with aesthetic appeal will earn a compliment!

One particular entrance piece that will add attractiveness and value to your home is a wrought iron entry door. While visual splendor is a benefit to having an iron door installed at your home’s front stoop, there are a few additional advantages as well.

A wrought iron door can last for years on end. Frequent weather changes can wear down the quality of a pure iron door. However, a custom-made door infused with steel can withstand whatever elements are thrown its way. North Georgia Replacement Windows’s iron entry doors are architecturally detailed by hand.  Our iron doors also have a unique automotive style finish.

Taking the durability a step further, a wrought iron door acts as an excellent deterrent for trespassers. The strength and stability of wrought iron is unmatched, especially if you opt for a heavy gauge style. Most intruders are intimidated from trying to break in this type of door!

Wrought iron entry doors are handcrafted, so the design possibilities are endless. Curves, angles, and abstract and geometric shapes can be reflected on the door’s surface to complement the style or time period of your home. A frosted or textured glass window may even be added for extra exquisiteness and privacy. Our iron entry doors are available in any shape and size: rounded top, square top, and multiple openings depending on your taste.

Installing a new front door is not a lighthearted decision, as the door cannot be changed whimsically. So, it is important to consider these facts and possible drawbacks while shopping for an iron entry door:

  • An iron door is expensive.
  • A pure iron door will not last as long as a steel-infused iron door.
  • Make sure the doorway measurements are a correct fit for the door.
  • The wrong size, color or design of door can disrupt the entire look and feel of your home.

Overall, an iron entry door requires minimum maintenance, can be customized to suit your taste, and is a worthwhile investment. North Georgia Replacement Windows can help you choose the right iron door for your home. To increase the curb appeal at your house, call North Georgia Replacement Windows at 770-888-1604 for a free proposal.