Window Problems

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What window problems have you noticed at your house?


Foggy Glass

This is caused by ‘seal failure,’ which allows moisture to enter between the panes of double-pane windows. Those panes can not be re-sealed, and once that window problem has appeared, it will likely become an issue throughout the house.


Window ProblemsRot, Deterioration, Paint Chipping

Moisture is the enemy of wood, and over the years, it has plenty of time to do its damage to wood windows and their wood frames. Wood filler, sanding and repainting is a temporary measure, but doesn’t stop the problem from continuing elsewhere.


Dead Insects on Window Sills

Not a pretty sight. As older types of windows expand and contract with varying temperatures, small gaps appear that you might not find, but obviously the bugs find them. New windows that are installed correctly will help keep those creepy little creatures out of your home.



While insect-control companies have various methods of keeping termites away, replacing wood windows with fiberglass or vinyl windows solves this window problem immediately.


Windows Are Difficult or Impossible to Open

Apparently your last house painter, and probably the house painter before him, painted the windows shut because that was easier than doing the job right. Not only do gobs of paint from repeated paintings look unsightly, but this is a huge safety issue. New easy-open windows will give your family an escape route in an emergency.


Window ProblemsIndoor Temperature Issues

The thermostat may say it’s the right temperature, but you still feel too warm in the summer or too cold in the winter. A Home Energy Audit will help find, among other issues, the tiny gaps in your ‘home envelope’ that let in outside air, including chilly drafts. One of the most common areas for gaps is around older windows and doors. The right insulation can also make a huge difference.


Windows Not Closing or Latching Properly

Wood can swell and warp when it absorbs moisture; eventually this can throw things out of alignment. Windows won’t completely close, and latches no longer line up. Obviously, doors and windows that don’t lock are a serious family security hazard. Shifting the position of latches can help temporarily, though it can actually make the latches less secure. On top of that, if a window isn’t completely closing, you’re left with drafts throughout the year.


Windows Just Look Bad

Windows that crack, turn yellow, or lose their integrity after a year or two are windows that were purchased from the lowest bidder. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do except to replace them with windows that are built to last. It seems the low price you paid turned out not to be much of a bargain after all.


Single-Pane Windows

Up until around the ‘90s, most windows on new homes had only a single pane of glass. If you put your hand on one of these windows, you know they’re not very good at keeping the cold out in the winter, or keeping the heat out in the summer. These days, double- and triple-pane windows offer a modern energy-efficient solution for year-round indoor comfort. Ask North Georgia Replacement Windows about high-tech Triple Silver Glass.


How will you solve your window problems?

Unfortunately, the longer you wait, the worse these issues are likely to get. Plus the sooner you have your windows replaced, the sooner you can start enjoying energy savings – not to mention the fresh, modern appearance of this popular home upgrade.


Do you have questions about window problems and solutions for your home? We’re here to help. Talk to a Window & Door Expert at 770-888-1604 or contact us here.



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