bahama-shuttersWhat Kind of Exterior Shutters are Best for Your Home?

Shutters flanking the windows to your home are more than just a popular decorative style for building exteriors. Did you know that they are functional, too? They are designed to protect houses against extreme weather, from heat waves to hurricanes. No matter where you live in Georgia, window shutters offer shelter as well as beauty to any abode.

There are several types of exterior shutters Atlanta homeowners may find useful — but which kind is right for your residence? Aesthetics and accessibility are factors to consider when choosing a shutter style. Perhaps your home requires shutters that are period-appropriate and look authentic, yet simply need to remain stationary. Or, if you need functional shutters, you may want a mechanism that is easy to use.

A few kinds of popular exterior shutters include:

Bahama Shutters
These top-mounted shutters close quickly if needed, especially in the event of strong winds. Bahama shutters are so effective, it’s no wonder they are named after the storm-heavy tropical island!

Board-and-Batten Shutters
Slats of wood arranged to look like a slab panel make up the design of these shutters. They are mounted on each side of the window and meet in the center when closed.

Louvered Shutters
The louvered variety is mounted and function the same as board-and-batten shutters. However, louvered shutters resemble horizontal blinds, with adjustable stacked slats that control the flow of air against the house.

Panel Shutters
Panel shutters are also installed and used just like board-and-batten and louvered shutters. Twin slab panels with recessed shapes make panel shutters an effective and attractive choice for many homeowners.

Whether you desire pure decoration or you’re aiming for energy efficiency for your home, the best exterior shutters Atlanta has to offer may be found at North Georgia Windows. Contact us to browse our selection of maintenance-free shutters that come in a variety of materials, styles and colors.