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Remodeling Your Home? Don’t Forget the New Doors and Windows

Friday, April 29th, 2016

Remodeled Window Door

Remodeling your home is one of the most gratifying experiences you’ll ever undertake, if it’s done correctly.  To be able to transform your home into a new home and not have to bother with actually moving is rewarding.  On top of that, the fact that you helped design your home to tailor it to your needs and wants makes a remodel even better.  Commonly, though, people will invest thousands of dollars to reconfigure their home but forget to address certain details.  Windows and doors, for example, are both defining characteristics of a home and shouldn’t be done as an afterthought.  Below are three common home improvement projects where a new door or window will enhance the beauty and functionality of the room.

Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel is perhaps the most desirable project there is.  The kitchen is an area of the house where meals are cooked, family and friends convene and many memories are made.  Because of all that the average kitchen remodel costs roughly $20,000, since expense is a little more flexible in such an important space.  While a stainless steel fridge and a matching oven and dishwasher are necessary and the granite countertops and farmhouse sink are vital, don’t forget about your windows. Your current windows were built for your old kitchen; your new one deserves something fitting of the new space.   A garden window or a casement window are both great windows for both letting the light in and providing a purpose beyond adding to the appeal of the room.

Garden Window

Master Suite

Where you sleep at night can have a profound effect on your daily life.  As a result it should be no surprise that a new master suite is on the wish list of many homeowners.   Since you are remodeling your room, it’s likely your home was built in a different era.  The age of your home alone is a great reason to replace the windows in your master suite, after all, new windows will be more energy efficient than your past windows.  Like the windows in the kitchen, not only can they add to the architecture of the room, but also give the room an ambiance that you’d expect from a high-end hotel.   A bay window is not only the perfect choice to allow more light but it also adds to the space in your room and gives you a bigger master suite.

Bedroom to Office

As the kids get older and start to move out, you will likely find a lot of unnecessary space in your home.  It’s the perfect time to reconfigure your space and turn a recently turned spare bedroom into an office.  This is one of the simpler home remodeling projects you’ll undertake.  A desk and shelving in place of a bed and dresser is all you technically need, but who wants to work in a dark space that originally had windows put in for a room to be slept in?  An office requires sunshine and perhaps even a better entrance than the old bedroom door your child scuffed and slammed over the past 18 years.    An awning window is all you would need to transform your new office from run-of-the-mill to awe-inspiring.

Don’t settle for a great space but underwhelming  details.  Let the light shine through, let the cool spring or autumn air in and when people enter the space, have them do it through an entrance befitting of the room.

North Georgia Replacement Windows replaces windows for life.  We sell the best product available for the price point that you feel comfortable with.  Whether you’re replacing your doors or windows for aesthetics, energy efficiency or your current windows just aren’t functional anymore, NG Windows has your solution.  Come by and visit us at our showroom at 1210 Warsaw Rd., Suite 1000, Roswell, GA 30076 and add that last detail to your remodel job.

Selecting the Perfect Window for Your Space

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

Homeowners who are considering replacing the windows in their house will not lack options in the current window marketplace. Modern technology and design have combined to develop home windows that are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and economically sound for years to come.

How do you choose the right windows for the rooms in your house? Read on. As a successful North Georgia window replacement company, we have firsthand experience and knowledge about selecting the ideal windows for the different areas of your home.


Consider These 5 Things When Purchasing New Windows for Your Business

Friday, March 27th, 2015

If you’re thinking of replacing the windows in your commercial establishment, read on. As a successful North Georgia window replacement company, we’ve compiled a short list of pointers that will guide you in making the right decision for your business.


Tips to Choosing the Right Window for Your Home Kitchen Remodel

Friday, March 20th, 2015

In our many years as a North Georgia window company, we know that replacing your old windows with new energy-efficient replacement windows gives you a better return on your investment compared to other replacement projects. How do you make sure you choose the right type of windows for your kitchen renovation project? Read on to find out.


Remodel Your Basement with Hopper Windows

Friday, February 6th, 2015

A common difficulty encountered when remodeling a basement is finding a source of sufficient natural lighting. Many basements cannot accommodate traditional windows and are generally dark and drab spaces. Homeowners often resort to putting in additional artificial light to dispel the gloom, but there is another option. As a successful North Georgia window company, we suggest installing hopper windows instead. Below are reasons why this is a more economical and practical choice.


Top 3 Trends in Today’s Sunroom Additions

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

sunroom-interiorSunroom Contractors at North Georgia Replacement Windows Talk About the Top 3 Trends in Today’s Sunroom Additions

If you’re looking to expand your existing living space to entertain guests more easily, enclose a patio for climate control, or simply increase the value of your home, a sunroom is a beneficial investment. But, before you call a sunroom contractor, you must think about the type of addition and features that you want in a sunroom. What will be the purpose of the space? How often will the space be used? Do you want carpet, tile or hardwood flooring? If these and other questions remain unanswered, the following three sunroom trends can help steer you in a suitable direction:

1. Year-Round Comfort
Sunrooms are no longer meant for use during the spring and summer months only. Homeowners now have the ability to enjoy their sunroom twelve months of the year! Four-season sunrooms are treated just like any other area in the house, routed with central heating and air to enable everyday living — no matter what time of year it is.

2. Bringing the Outdoors In
Another sunroom trend is taking elements from the natural world, such as plants, flowers, small trees and herb gardens, and incorporating them with the interior decor. Further outdoor touches may be added with rustic furniture and wood or stone details. See-through fireplaces are also making an appearance in sunrooms, connecting the patio to another room in the house.

3. Sophisticated Construction and Design
North Georgia Windows offers Oasis vinyl sunrooms, which provide premium construction. When paired with weatherproof windows, the components are attractive, sturdy and intended to match your home’s exterior and interior. Additionally, conservatories, pergolas and greenhouses are popular designs that take any sunroom to the next level of sophistication and comfort.

Now that you have a better idea on how to increase the square footage of your home, call on North Georgia Windows as your sunroom contractor. With a selection of sunroom options and features, and an unbeatable warranty, you’ll have the dream sanctuary you’ve always wanted! Contact us at 770-888-1604 for an estimate.

Five ways sunroom designs have improved in the last twenty years

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012
modern sunroom design- a couple lounges in a cozy, modern home environment

Relax in a comfortable sunroom!

We know that sunroom designs used to be really ugly, really expensive, and really uncomfortable during humid Georgia summers.

But they’ve come a long way. Advances in energy efficient glass have made temperatures easier to control. Advances in construction materials have made them easier on the eyes. And easier to customize. And more reliable. And..

Here are our five favorite ways sunroom designs have changed in the last decade.

  1. They’re more efficient – Installing a sunroom on a house used to be like installing a garage or a greenhouse. You couldn’t control the temperature. Modern glass and building materials have changed that. LoE glass and climate control systems mean you can enjoy the Georgia sun and your A/C without running up a huge energy bill. Oh, sure, we can install a greenhouse for you– but only if that’s what you want!
  2. They’re more attractive – You want a sunroom design that looks good outside and in. Today’s building materials make it possible. We can install an addition with all the comforts of home. Then we can make sure it matches your existing exterior and looks great in your yard. We’ll leave you with something to brag about.
  3. They’re more reliable – Because modern sunroom designs are built with modern materials to match with your existing home (and because our installers are amazing), they leak less and need less upkeep. Stop worrying about rain-soaked furniture or insects and other “invaders” from outside. Just relax in your new oasis.
  4. They’re quieter – Metal sunrooms were often loud in high winds or rainy conditions. This meant you could only use the sunroom when it was nice out. Quieter materials mean you can use the sunroom all year every year.
  5. There are more options – Today’s sunroom designs mean you can turn your addition into almost anything you want. Want a place to paint watercolors? Not a problem. A yoga studio? We can help with that. Just want to add some appeal and value to your home? We’ve got you covered.

Whatever your goal, we’re more than happy to give you a free proposal for work. Just use this form. If you’d rather talk to someone on the phone, we can do that too. Just call us at 770-888-1604.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Top three reasons to install sunroom additions this summer

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012
just one sunroom addition possibilities- photo of a modern sunroom

Imagine the sunroom addition possibilities!

June 21st was one of the longest days of the year and the first full day of summer– and if you didn’t have one of our gorgeous and comfortable vinyl sunroom additions, you really missed out. You could’ve spent those long hours of daylight relaxing with a book. You could have spent it chatting with a good friend. You could have spent it playing board games with your closest family members. But without sunroom, enjoying friends, family, and the Georgia sun just isn’t the same.

Here are three ways our sunroom additions make the summer better.

  1. They’re comfortable – Sure, sometimes it’s fun to be outside enjoying the Georgia summer. But not always. Georgia heat and humidity often make leisure time unbearable and send people scrambling for cold A/C. Not so with a sunroom addition. We install vinyl sunrooms with Climatemaster Roof Systems and LoE3 Ultimate Performance glass. That means you can control the temperature in your sunroom. You’ll be lounging in the sun without the stifling heat. What’s not to like?
  2. They’re gorgeous – The old metal sunroom additions were as ugly as they were uncomfortable. These new vinyl models look much better. We’ll work with you to install a sunroom that fits in with your home and yard area. The result? A sunroom you can be show off, instead of one you want to hide in the back.
  3. They’re flat out enjoyable – Because we’re going to install the sunroom addition that fits your life and your house, you can spend countless hours enjoying it all year round. You can build an oasis for relaxing and reading. You can even build a private yoga studio. Whatever you want, you’ll love your new room.

Start building now

We know how sunroom additions used to be– loud and hot. But these new vinyl sunroom additions are a great way to really enjoy the sun. Attractive and climate controlled, you’ll love lounging in your new sunroom addition.

So don’t miss out on these long summer days! Contact us using this form, or call at (770) 888-1604 to get started on your sunroom addition. We’ll work with you to create a free proposal for all work. We’re available to answer any questions you have.