Energy Efficiency

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Your home is less energy efficient than you think.


Energy Efficiency

Your AC is running, but it still feels uncomfortably warm in some rooms. Or the temperature setting for the heat looks correct, but you still have to bundle up to stay warm. If you recognize these problems, you aren’t alone.

The exterior walls of older homes tend to be filled with tiny gaps, especially around windows and doors. These are caused by ongoing wear and tear, as well as mis-alignment due to structural ‘settling.’ If you were to put all those small holes together, they’d add up to one surprisingly large hole!

 Naturally, this allows hot, humid air to enter your home in the summer, and chilly, drafty air to seep through in the winter. So naturally you adjust the thermostat, which causes your heating and AC systems to work harder, and run longer, than necessary. The high energy bills you see every month are a simple reflection of that inefficiency, month after month, year after year.

Newer homes have different issues. Modern local building codes set certain standards and requirements for residential homes, including energy efficiency. But to reduce costs and increase profit, many homebuilders today ‘do the bare minimum’ to technically comply with building codes, then call it a day.

more efficient doorsWhen installing new windows, doors and insulation for both older and newer homes, North Georgia doesn’t consider a job complete unless we exceed those basic standards in every way. Homeowners who meet with us quickly realize that we operate at a higher level than the great majority of contractors out there.

Yes, we may be a little obsessed about home energy efficiency. But between your family’s year-round comfort, the optimal functioning and longevity of your HVAC system, and the very idea of wasting money each time you pay your power bill, we get satisfaction out of knowing that our ‘obsession’ benefits everyone who chooses us.

So what can you do about improving your home’s energy efficiency? Actually, there’s a lot you can do: 

1. Get a Home Energy Audit. Experts will do a highly detailed inspection of every part of your home. You may be surprised at the issues they discover – which you’ve been paying for in wasted energy costs all these years. You’ll be supplied with a comprehensive report, listing all the problem areas that should be addressed. Not sure which improvements will give you ‘the most bang for your buck’? Your North Georgia consultant will be glad to help.

more efficient windows2. Look at Insulation Options. There are several types of insulation that make a huge difference in home energy efficiency. The most common area to add insulation is the attic, but insulation can also be added to basements and inside the exterior walls of your home. A combination of air sealing and insulation is considered the most cost-effective measure for reducing energy use in your home.

3. Install New Energy Efficient Windows. Which window types and styles are energy efficient at North Georgia Replacement Windows? All of them! Every window is made with double-pane glass – except for those with triple-pane glass. Advances in home energy efficiency also include a special ‘vapor’ between the panes of glass that make that heat/cold barrier even more effective. 

Learn more about making your home more energy efficient, or schedule Home Energy Audit. Call 770-888-1604 or contact us here.

North Georgia Replacement Windows is one of a small percentage of companies with employees certified by the respected Building Performance Institute for efficient ‘Home Performance.’ We also offer Energy Star Certified products.


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