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Decorative Shutters for Your Home

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

You can enhance the look of your home’s windows by incorporating additions that accentuate your home’s architectural style. One option that makes a beautiful impact is decorative shutters. Available in a variety of styles and colors, both fixed and functional, shutters provide decorative appeal, allow natural light in and give you privacy when you need it.

Benefits of Exterior Shutters

Installing window shutters can make a visible difference to your home’s exterior and be beneficial in several ways. These include:

  • Aesthetic value. Installation of shutters upgrades the exterior of your home, which can result in increased property value.
  • Curb appeal. Whether for your own enjoyment or a future homeowner’s, decorative shutters are a marketable addition to any home.
  • Protection against inclement weather. When closed, shutters provide protection to window panes from high winds, hail and flying debris during a severe storm.
  • Insulation. Shutters also serve as insulation against cold and heat, making your home more energy efficient.
  • Security and privacy. Closed shutters can help deter potential intruders and provide privacy.

Shutter Styles

There are a variety of distinctive shutter styles to choose from. Each style offers different looks, colors, finishes, installation and operational options. These include:

  • Louvered shutters feature horizontal slats
  • Board and batten shutters feature vertical boards
  • Hurricane shutters protect windows during a storm
  • Raised panel shutters feature solid panels versus slats
  • Bahama-style shutters have a tropical theme with hinged panels at the top versus the sides
  • Combination shutters feature louvered slats and raised panels
  • Custom shutter designs including cut-outs

Shutter Materials

While the look of decorative shutters is definitely important, selecting the right material to construct them is an equally important task. Because exterior shutters are subjected to a variety of seasonal elements, you’ll want a material that doesn’t absorb moisture. You’ll also want shutters made with material that requires little to no maintenance. At North Georgia Replacement Windows, our inventory of maintenance-free shutters is available in your choice of materials. These include:

  • Premium fiberglass
  • Composite wood
  • Vinyl
  • Composite milled PVC

Each of these materials is durable, long-lasting and versatile. We also offer a full line of shutter hardware to compliment the look and functionality of your home’s new decorative shutters.

Whether you’re planning to have decorative shutters installed for the first time or you want to replace and update the look and efficiency of your home’s exterior windows, contact us about our inventory of maintenance-free shutters. From our inventory of well-constructed shutters, you’re sure to find the right style, color and finish that best suits your home.

When it’s time to replace the windows in your home, contact us about our selection of energy-efficient windows. We have a variety of window styles to choose from that will compliment your new shutters with selections from our Infinity from Marvin fiberglass windows inventory.

5 Tips to Spruce Your Home Up This Summer

Monday, June 20th, 2016

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Once you’ve lived in your home long enough, no matter how nice it is, eventually you’re going to look at it and be bored.  The house might still be perfect for you.  It still has enough space for your family, it’s still in the perfect location, you’re neighbors are still fantastic, but the house itself is just not doing it for you anymore.  This happens to everyone at one time or another.  Luckily, there’s plenty you can do about it.  Here are five suggestions to make your house feel like new again. (more…)

Exterior Window Shutters

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

NGRW_Louvered_Center_Rail_ShutterExterior window shutters can make one of the greatest impacts on the look of your home. Updating a home with new shutters can add an element of sophistication that no other house in the neighborhood may have. They can also offer additional protection from extreme weather. North Georgia Replacement Windows offers three lines of exterior shutters from Atlantic Premium Shutters: Architectural Collection, Classic Collection and ProSeries.

Shutters from the Architectural Collection are made of fiberglass and have a full lifetime warranty. Fiberglass shutters are the strongest and require the least maintenance over any other shutter. Shutters from the Architectural Collection are approved for use in hurricane-prone areas.

The Classic Collection shutters have a 10 year warranty and are made of an exterior-rated composite material that will not rot, crack or split. Shutters from this series come pre-finished according to your color of choice. They are also available in hurricane storm-rated versions.NGRW_Louvered_Shutter

The ProSeries line of shutters is made from the same exterior-rated composite material as the Classic Series, but shutters in this line come unfinished. They come pre-primed and ready to take any high quality exterior paint of your choice. This line of shutters is ideal for the homeowner who is updating a home on a tight budget.

All Atlantic Premium Shutters can be crafted in all styles including raised panel, board and batten, and louvered. They can be customized to fit your exact specifications including unique shapes and styles such as Bahama shutters. Forty standard colors are available with the option to choose a customized color at an additional charge. The Architectural Collection and the Classic Collection lines both have an automotive quality factory finish. North Georgia Replacement Windows also includes functional hardware and expert installation.  Give us a call today to see what a difference shutters from Atlantic Premium Shutters can have on your home.



What Kind of Exterior Shutters are Best for Your Home?

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

bahama-shuttersWhat Kind of Exterior Shutters are Best for Your Home?

Shutters flanking the windows to your home are more than just a popular decorative style for building exteriors. Did you know that they are functional, too? They are designed to protect houses against extreme weather, from heat waves to hurricanes. No matter where you live in Georgia, window shutters offer shelter as well as beauty to any abode.

There are several types of exterior shutters Atlanta homeowners may find useful — but which kind is right for your residence? Aesthetics and accessibility are factors to consider when choosing a shutter style. Perhaps your home requires shutters that are period-appropriate and look authentic, yet simply need to remain stationary. Or, if you need functional shutters, you may want a mechanism that is easy to use.

A few kinds of popular exterior shutters include:

Bahama Shutters
These top-mounted shutters close quickly if needed, especially in the event of strong winds. Bahama shutters are so effective, it’s no wonder they are named after the storm-heavy tropical island!

Board-and-Batten Shutters
Slats of wood arranged to look like a slab panel make up the design of these shutters. They are mounted on each side of the window and meet in the center when closed.

Louvered Shutters
The louvered variety is mounted and function the same as board-and-batten shutters. However, louvered shutters resemble horizontal blinds, with adjustable stacked slats that control the flow of air against the house.

Panel Shutters
Panel shutters are also installed and used just like board-and-batten and louvered shutters. Twin slab panels with recessed shapes make panel shutters an effective and attractive choice for many homeowners.

Whether you desire pure decoration or you’re aiming for energy efficiency for your home, the best exterior shutters Atlanta has to offer may be found at North Georgia Windows. Contact us to browse our selection of maintenance-free shutters that come in a variety of materials, styles and colors.