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Savings from Spray Foam Insulation

Friday, July 26th, 2013


North Georgia Replacement Windows is in the business of saving you money! We talk all day long about our premium replacement window and door products and how an investment in your home will pay off tremendously in the long run, but we’d like to take a moment to discuss our spray foam home insulation services.


Applied to your attic rafters and underneath floors and walls, spray foam insulation saves energy by creating a barrier against air leakage (both incoming and outgoing). It also prevents moisture and pollutants, mold, dust and mildew. Spray foam insulation has a higher R-value, which is a measure of thermal resistance, than standard fiberglass insulation. This means you can enjoy the same insulating properties with less product! Spray foam also won’t settle like most fiberglass insulation does.


There are two basic types of spray foam insulation: low density, open-cell foam, and high density, closed-cell foam. Open-cell foam is typically used in attics and the upward regions of a home, while high-density closed-cell foam is generally applied to basement and crawlspace areas. Much more rigid than open-cell foam, closed-cell foam actually adds strength to a building’s structure. It also deadens sound and makes your home acoustically tighter. It is impermeable to water, which is one of the reasons to use it at ground or below-ground level. It provides an excellent sealing barrier from moisture at your home’s foundation.

technician installing spray foam insulation in Atlanta

North Georgia Replacement Windows’ experienced technicians will come to your home and assess which spray foam application is best for the various areas of thermal vulnerability. We can perform a BPI test to determine which regions of the house are most susceptible to air leakage and strategically apply spray foam insulation accordingly. One house we recently serviced experienced a 40% reduction in air leakage! A typical summertime attic in Georgia easily exceeds temperatures of one hundred degrees; however, you will feel a noticeable difference with professional spray foam insulation, not only in your attic, but in the lower portions of your home where the hot air can infiltrate. North Georgia Replacement Windows is a BPI-Certified company, which means we have the accreditation to accurately measure the energy efficiency of your residence. Did we mention we’re in the business of saving you money?


North Georgia Replacement Windows can also apply fire retardant spray foam insulation for areas of the home which have combustible appliances or dense storage. Because it is easily controllable, spray foam insulation is ideal for compact and hard-to-reach areas. Add efficiency, safety and comfort all at once with professional spray foam insulation services from North Georgia Replacement Windows! Call us today for a free estimate!


New BPI Certified Professional

Saturday, February 16th, 2013


Vice President, Jonathan Collum, Becomes a BPI Certified Professional

North Georgia Replacement Windows, a company offering replacement windows and doors in Atlanta, Ga, is proud to announce Vice President and Co-owner of North Georgia Replacement Windows, Jonathan Collum, is a BPI Certified Professional by the Building Performance Institute, Inc (BPI). BPI develops standards for energy efficiency work based on standards and testing protocols set by the American National Standards Institute. Mr. Collum is the second person at North Georgia Replacement Windows to become certified, Co-owner Ted Kirk, was the first.

“At North Georgia Replacement, we strive to offer the best services out there,” said Vice President Jonathan Collum. “By furthering our education and continuing to have more employees become BPI certified professionals, we can continue to provide our customers with the knowledge and expertise to get their homes performing efficiently, effectively and healthier.”

BPI certified professionals must take exams to prove knowledge and proficiency in home energy systems. Professionals learn the “house-as-a-system” approach, which looks at the relationship between all the different parts of home. A BPI certified professional is able to identify where the problems begin, and then has the knowledge to diagnose and find solutions to the problems. Replacement windows in Atlanta, Ga are one way customers can work towards having an energy efficient home.

North Georgia Replacement Windows, with their BPI certified professionals, ensures that your home will remain safe for years to come.

About BPI

Building Performance Institute, Inc. is a national standards development organization for residential energy efficiency and weatherization retrofit work. Over the years they have developed rigorous standards for home performance and weatherization that lower utility bills by an annual average of 20%. BPI standards are recognized by the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency and many state organizations. You can find out more at

About North Georgia Replacement Windows

North Georgia Replacement Windows (NGRW) is a fully licensed and insured home window replacement company serving Atlanta, metro Atlanta, and the entire north Georgia area. In addition to energy efficient windows, NGRW installs insulation, shutters, sunrooms, and decorative doors. NGRW has been recognized for their excellence in work and customer service. NGRW enjoys an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and 5 Star ratings with Guild Quality and Kudzu. Find out more and request a free proposal at

North Georgia Replacement Windows Owner Receives Certification from Building Performance Institute

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Ted Kirk, North Georgia Replacement Windows owner, recently became certified as a BPI Building Analyst (BA) Professional.

What does that mean for our customers? Well, it’s more proof that we’re constantly educating ourselves on technology, techniques, and standards. And it means that we’re even more qualified to help you select and install the safest, most energy-efficient solutions for your home.

For more information, check out the press release below.