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How to Upgrade to Infinity from Marvin Without Breaking the Bank

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

Inifinity from Marvin kitchen

Many homeowners look at aging home windows with dread, and for one reason: They’re afraid of the high cost of replacement.

While it’s true that replacing all of the windows in your home is a major home improvement project, it’s also necessary if you want to maintain the integrity of your home, especially where noise and insulation are concerned. Infinity® from Marvin Replacement Windows offer modern design and durability that makes this upgrade a worthwhile investment.

For customers who aren’t prepared to pay out-of-pocket for the entire project, North Georgia Replacement Windows is happy to offer flexible financing options to make this project more affordable for homeowners.

Why Finance?

Owning a home comes with additional costs to consider. Some of these are small: Replacing your furnace filter, maintaining your lawn and landscaping. Others, such as replacing a furnace, reshingling the roof or replacing windows, can be costly. Even when planning ahead, most homeowners can’t afford to pay for the full amount of these projects up front.

Even those who can afford to pay out-of-pocket may prefer to keep some extra cash on hand in the event of unforeseen expenses. For these reasons, many home window replacement projects are financed through a lender. North Georgia Replacement Windows works with lenders to provide competitive rates and even same-as-cash lending options to our customers, providing financial flexibility to our customers as they seek the best way to pay for the project.

Our current relationship with EnerBank USA offers our customers two excellent options to easily finance the windows of their dreams.

Two Options to Finance New Windows

Through EnerBank USA, NGRW is happy to offer two financing options for Infinity from Marvin windows”

  • Fixed monthly payments. Through this financing option, customers can take out up to $65,000 toward new replacement windows, repayable on a seven-year term. This loan, which comes with a 6.99% APR, is ideal for customers who want a fixed payment they can factor into their monthly budgets.
  • Twelve-month same-as-cash loan. This financing product also allows borrowing up to $65,000 for new windows, but all accrued interest is waived if the balance of the loan is paid off within one year. That means financing is essentially free to customers who successfully pay off their loan in 12 months or less—a great option for customers who want short-term financial relief but have the ability to pay off the loan amount quickly.

For customers who choose these financing options, NGRW will work with both the bank and the customers to ensure a smooth process from loan application to window installation.

Other Benefits of Financing

When you finance through a window dealer, you enjoy certain advantages that aren’t available when seeking out financing on your own. One such benefit is the accurate project proposals that come with financing through us directly: We’re able to come up with detailed proposals and communicate these directly to the lender, updating this information if the scope of the project changes.

Thanks to this direct relationship, we’re also able to lead you through the approval process quickly and smoothly, speeding up the process of outfitting your home with new windows. The time lost to waiting for bank approvals and slow communication can delay the completion of your window project and create unnecessary stress throughout the process. We minimize the tedious finance approval process to make this home improvement project as easy as possible for our customers.

If you’ve been holding off on purchasing new windows because you don’t think you can afford this upgrade, contact us to talk about your window needs and your financing options. We’ll work with you to help you find the right payment option for your current window project.

Pros and Cons of Bay Windows

Monday, June 19th, 2017


When your home improvement project includes updating windows to enhance your home, consider installing bay windows as a decorative, functional and energy efficient option. As with any home improvement project, it’s always beneficial to understand the pros and cons involved with an upgrade. These unique windows are no exception.


  • These three-part windows add a distinctive look to the exterior of your home and increase the curb appeal of your home. Bay windows also add value to your property due to the addition of extra interior square footage that is created when the windows are installed.
  • The installation of bay windows opens up the interior of any room to the views outside. In fact, even the smallest room can benefit with the addition of crystal-clear fiber glass windows.
  • When in place, bay windows give each roomn abundant amount of natural light. This means no more stuffy and dark rooms.
  • Bay windows made from fiberglass are strong and durable, require minimal maintenance and are custom sized for your home.
  • The cove-like interior space created by the installation of these windows can be used in several ways:1) Enclose the extra space under the bottom of the windows with cabinets for storage.
    2) Cover the top of the cabinets with cushions and pillows to create a quiet window seat for reading, listening to music or other relaxing activities.
    3) Leave the floor space open to accentuate the increased room size.
    4) Use the additional square footage for plants, decorative items or a relaxing breakfast or coffee nook.


Bay windows are usually comprised of one large picture window, flanked by a smaller window on each side. While the design of this window type is architecturally attractive for both the interior and exterior walls, there are some potential challenges to consider. These include:

  • Depending on the room’s location and the amount of direct sunlight it receives, the windows’ additional glass may allow more heat in. While this aspect can be helpful during the colder months, it could require more work from the HVAC system during the summer. To address this problem, choose energy-efficient windows designed with double glass and an inert added between the panes to act as a barrier against the elements.
  • Because of their unique design, it may be difficult to find window treatments that easily conform to the window’s angles.
  • The foundation of your home needs to be structurally sound to provide proper support for the installation of bay windows.

Once you’ve made the decision to install new windows, check the styles and colors available of our Infinity from Marvin fiberglass windows. To receive a free proposal, complete the convenient online form, and one of our expert window specialists will contact you.

How GreenSky Can Finance Your Atlanta Window Replacement

Thursday, September 15th, 2016

atlanta window replacement

Windows are expensive, we make no illusions otherwise.  Unlike a car, which is also expensive, a window is something you only need to purchase once.  A replacement window should not just be considered a functional upgrade but also an investment.  Sometimes, the most realistic way to make an investment is to finance it, which is why we partnered with Atlanta-based GreenSky.  Our new partnership will allow unprecedented credit flexibility for our customers.  We’re extremely excited to have completed our GreenSky merchant training which allows us to offer their home improvement financing program.


GreenSky is federally insured and originate and service over $4 billion in consumer loans in every state in the country.   They have products available for every type of consumer.  Whether you have the cash in hand but it would be more convenient to pay over a year or if your credit history has a mark or two on it, there is likely a line of credit available to you to help your home maintain its beauty.


Why GreenSky


We chose to partner with GreenSky for a few reasons.  The customer application process is among the easiest in the industry, with credit limits up to $65,000 even our customers who need extraordinarily large and custom windows can benefit, and the flexibility of deferred interest or fixed monthly payments.  Their customer interface is excellent, as well, making it easy to make payments 24 hours a day or to easily set up auto-pay.


Your home is likely the biggest investment you will ever make.  Continually improving it is important, not just to keep your home livable but also to take steps to increase he resale value of your home.  The difference that affordable credit options can make to a home improvement project could be the difference between a run of the mill, get it done because it needs to be done, project and a dream come true project.  As the adage goes, ‘if you’re going to do it, do it right.’


What Are the Options?


GreenSky loans are based on an individual’s credit approval.  It is not a revolving line of credit nor is it secured by property.  There are a variety of plans available including no interest and no payment plans.  Below are a few examples that, based on credit approval, might be the right fit for you…

 residential window replacement atlanta

North Georgia Replacement Windows is proud of our ability to offer credit to approved customers.  The flexibility and the options can truly make your dreams come true.


North Georgia Replacement Windows replaces windows for life. We sell the best product available for the price point that you feel comfortable with. Whether you’re replacing your doors or windows for aesthetics, energy efficiency or your current windows just aren’t functional anymore, NG Windows has your solution. Come by and visit us at our showroom at 1210 Warsaw Rd., Suite 1000, Roswell, GA 30076 to see how something as simple as a new door can transform your home!

8 Questions to Ask Your Contractors

Believe Customers- Not Competitors

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Window_WarrantyAny company that is doing well and taking business away from their competition usually ends up with a bull’s-eye on their reputation.  For years, North Georgia Replacement Windows has been told by customers and prospects that certain companies in the market place spend more time talking about why they shouldn’t use North Georgia Replacement Windows rather than why the prospect should use the company they called out in the first place.  It’s frustrating to our expert window, door and insulation consultants, but it usually works out in our favor.

One thing I learned from an outstanding sales trainer early in my career was, “If you talk bad about your competition, you are actually inviting the prospect to call the competition out for a quote to find out for themselves.”   After all, why should a prospective buyer believe a competitor who may say anything or engage in gimmicks to get them to buy that day?  Many companies will try to mislead customers by taking warranty information out of context and fabricating stories.  Some have even gone as far as posting fake negative reviews, although reputable review sites such as Kudzu and Angie’s List will usually investigate and remove them.

The purpose of this blog is not to call out any competitors by name or discourage people to do their own due diligence.  Just as we do in our presentation, we try to educate and inform prospective customers about our products, services, and the way we do business.  Our reputation speaks for itself.  In fact, out of the last 500 customers that North Georgia Replacement Windows has completed a project for, over 99% would recommend our company.  This is based on a third party survey conducted by Guild Quality.

So the next time you are looking for a home improvement project such as windows, doors, or insulation and you are getting a quote from a company whose focus is talking negative about another company’s warranty, product, or workmanship – you should probably find out why for yourself.

Call or visit North Georgia Replacement Windows today for a quick, friendly, no-hassle proposal on windows, doors or insulation for your home or business. or (770)888-1604.

North Georgia Replacement Windows has the Largest Selection of Replacement Doors in Atlanta

Monday, June 10th, 2013

largest_atlanta_door_selection_2Many people who move into an existing house fail to consider how much of an aesthetic difference they can make by replacing the front entry door. A door can be so much more than merely utilitarian in purpose! A custom entry door can say a great deal about your family, your welcoming nature, or your appreciation for grace and elegance in your home. North Georgia Replacement Windows has recently improved our showroom by adding numerous door displays and decorative glass and door hardware options – we have the largest selection of replacement doors in Atlanta!

Online shopping these days has facilitated a number of home improvement endeavors. Immediate access to innovative design ideas, do-it-yourself tricks, and comparative pricing has virtually equalized the playing field. Still, with a custom replacement entry door being an investment in beauty, security, durability, and energy-efficiency, it helps to have hands-on access to make the best decision.

When you visit the showroom at North Georgia Replacement Windows, not only will you be able to touch and feel the weight and sturdiness of our impressive collection of insulated fiberglass and wrought-iron doors, our professional staff will work with you to find the perfect new door for your home. Bring in a picture of your front entryway, and we can import it into our custom software program so that you can actually see how various doors will look on your home prior to any installation. This saves you time, money, and can help to inspire choices for your new custom replacement door that may not have occurred to you before your visit.

largest_atlanta_door_selection_3Our large selection of replacement doors in Atlanta includes entry doors, patio doors, and multi-door systems. All are premium quality construction and built to last a lifetime. Choose from our stunning selection of custom wrought iron doors, hand-forged in Mexico. The decorative glass choices available for all of our doors will ignite your imagination, lending a timeless beauty and classic appeal that will make you the envy of your neighbors. Just tell them there’s no need to be jealous – send them to the beautiful showroom at North Georgia Replacement Windows!

Window Replacement in Atlanta: North Georgia Replacement Windows Replaces Your Windows in the Winter

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Winter-window-replacementWindow Replacement in Atlanta: North Georgia Replacement Windows Replaces Your Windows in the Winter

Most people typically like to plan their home improvement projects in the warmer months. Many people find it scary to remove the barrier that is protecting them from the cold weather, especially when it comes to window replacement in Atlanta. However, there is nothing to be scared of. Winter is as good of a time as any to have your windows replaced.

Noticing Your Windows Need Replacing

Many homeowners do not even realize they need window replacement until the winter months; it’s just easier to spot a leak when the cold weather sends a chill through your home and down your back.

But if you think that it is already too late to replace your windows and winterize your house, think again! If you wait until winter is over to replace your windows, you could easily lose hundreds of dollars in heating costs. By working with North Georgia Replacement Windows to plan for your window replacement in Atlanta, you can start saving today.

Once you undergo the window replacement process, you can see immediate changes in your heating costs every month, and you’ll see changes in your cooling costs when summer comes back around.

Professional Window Replacement

Replacing a window by yourself would be difficult, but for the professionals at North Georgia Replacement Windows, it is no different than any other time of the year. And with the improvements in window glass over the past couple of years with advanced Low-E coatings and frame technologies, it is easier than ever to beat the cold and save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your replacement windows.

We carry only quality products for your home. But we also take it a step further. We look at how your windows fit into your home’s overall energy efficiency. For more information about how we work within BPI standards to analyze the complete efficiency of your home, please read this press release.

Replacement Process in the Winter

During the winter and any other time, we typically replace home windows one at a time. Why? Because it’s the best way to ensure that your whole house and family are not exposed to the full force of Georgia’s cold weather.

Our professionals at North Georgia Replacement Windows prepare each window area carefully before removing the window. After the area is prepped, the new window, trim, caulking, and perimeter insulation are installed by one of our experts.

Our high-quality professionals can switch out a window with only 5-10 minutes of open exposure, so you and your family will stay warm. And, as soon as the new replacement window is installed, it will immediately begin working to save you energy and money on your next bill!

North Georgia Replacement Windows

Regardless of the season, do not hesitate to call North Georgia Replacement Windows for all of your Atlanta window replacement needs. We aim for the best customer service around North Georgia and Metro Atlanta. Check out everything we offer over here! If you are looking for more than just replacement windows, we also offer insulation services, decor windows, sunrooms, enclosure systems, and more!

3 Ways Fiberglass Doors Can Increase your Home’s Appeal

Thursday, July 19th, 2012
fiberglass front door from north georgia replacement windows

Beautiful Fiberglass Entry Door

Are you constantly looking for ways to increase your home’s value and appeal either for resale value or to create a rewarding home ownership experience? At North Georgia Replacement Windows we have a perfect and easy solution for you: fiberglass doors.

Don’t believe us? Here are three ways fiberglass doors will improve your home’s appeal:

  • Long-Lasting- As a durable alternative to wood or steel, North Georgia Replacement Windows’ insulated fiberglass doors are strong and enduring. Their fiberglass doors resist dents and dings from day-to-day traffic. These doors will never rust, rot, deteriorate, warp, bow, or twist. These doors are in for the long-haul.
  • Increased Energy Efficiency- Fiberglass doors offer about five times the insulation value of wood while also being very low maintenance! Increased insulation could decrease your monthly energy bill. Reduced maintenance reduces the wasted time and materials fixing your door.
  • Increased Curb Appeal Value – Changes to the exterior of your home help keep the exterior of your home looking fresh. Replacing a home’s entryway with a fiberglass door can significantly increase the curb appeal of a house. Fiberglass doors can be a wood grain with a smooth, finished look. These doors can also be painted or stained to match the exterior of your home.

Whether you’re looking to sell now, or just planning improvements to your home, we’re more than happy to give you a free proposal for your very own fiberglass door.

Just use this form. If you’d rather talk to someone on the phone, we can do that too. Just call us at 770-888-1604.
We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon.