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Five Reasons To Replace Your Windows This Fall

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

Replacement Windows

Traffic is slower because blinking school zone lights are warning us to slow down, actual work is being pushed so that vital fantasy football research can be done and the Braves are finally able to hide behind the Falcons on the 11:00 news, which can only mean one thing, fall is rapidly approaching.  As the temperatures cool and the air turns drier, it’s time to do a semi-annual readiness check on your home.  We might not be heading into the oblivion that our friends up north are, but still, our winters are nothing to scoff at, and our beautiful North Georgia autumn will allow you plenty of time to prepare.

After running the air conditioning all summer, it’s great to have a reprieve in the fall before having to crank the furnace up.  Are you getting the most from your AC and heater or are you also helping to cool and heat the outdoors?  While energy efficiency is one obvious reason to replace your windows it’s only one of several important factors to consider window replacement this fall.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency sounds almost too obvious to include here.  “Winter’s coming, got to keep the heat in.” It’s a tired line when it comes to offering something with multiple uses. We understand that windows are an investment and not something that you just wake up one day and say “I’m replacing all my windows today.” It’s important to note that if you have older, single pane windows, and you plan on staying in your current home that eventually the windows would pay for themselves in energy savings.

While energy saving windows are ideal, it’s possible that repairing your current windows or looking into better insulation might be more economical until you can feel comfortable with the costs associated with replacing your windows.

ENERGY STAR®, a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) voluntary program that helps individuals protect the climate through energy efficiency, has ratings based on climate, but it doesn’t take into account home designs such as orientation.  Some rooms will be naturally warm based on the sun’s angle.  A professional installer will even take into account the sun’s angle in different seasons rather than just install a pane of glass and tell you you’ll save money.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to replacing windows for energy efficiency. While it’s the most practical reason to replace your windows, let’s face it, practically gets pushed to tomorrow far too often.

But, are your windows…

Aesthetically Unpleasing

Your house is likely your largest investment.  Unlike stocks, bonds and commodities, you have some control over the resale value of your home.  The resale value is only one reason to keep your house looking nice and up to date.  You should be proud of the place you call home.  When strangers walk or drive by or when friends or family visit it feels good to know that they’re pleased with what they see.  Your home is an important part of the urban or suburban landscape even if it is a small part of it.  It should appear as you want to be represented.  Your windows are a huge part of your home.  They are not only how you see out, but likely, the major focal point of your home.

Or, perhaps your windows look great, “Yeah, they’re a little old but I can’t rationalize replacing my windows for aesthetics.  They  look alright after all.”  You can probably rationalize replacing your windows for your…

Family’s Safety

Ask yourself how old your house is. Do you have children? If your house was built before 1978 your window casings were likely painted with lead-based paint.  This causes two hazards, 1) the dust that it creates as the paint microscopically chips contains lead that over time you and your family will breathe and 2) small children tend to chew on things, such as window sills, that are reachable as they’re teething.  The long-term damage can be devastating to the brain and other vital organs.

Do you have a basement window? Is the window large enough to climb out in case of an emergency? Egressed windows, or a window that allows for easy access to the outside from the basement, is required by code in new houses, but many houses do not meet this requirement.  Not only does your basement bedroom not count as a bedroom in the eyes of the National Association of Realtors, but the safety of the occupant of the room is in peril without one. Or, perhaps, you simply have a window that…

Won’t Open

This might not seem like a big problem in the winter and summer, but it should be in the fall and spring. There’s nothing better and more efficient than letting nature climatize your home.  If your windows are painted shut or you can open them but can’t keep them open, you’re missing a great opportunity by not replacing them.

As nice as letting mother nature cool or warm your house is, there’s a much more important reason to make sure your windows open safely.  Windows can provide a quick escape from fire.  If you can’t open a window in your home, you’re putting yourself and everyone in it in danger.  Perhaps you’re thinking, “it’s just one window that won’t open,” now imagine the same thought as you’re standing at that window with smoke fogging the room.  Your tone is likely a little different.

But, your windows open fine.  And, besides a fire, you’d never open them anyways, because this part of the city has a problem with…


As Atlanta continues to prosper, the city and surrounding areas continue to grow.  Growth is a great thing, home values rise and the area becomes more vibrant. With more people, though, it becomes noisier. New windows will help keep the noise where it belongs; outside.  Glass alone cannot reduce sound, it actually requires damping materials, or materials that will absorb the sound waves.  New windows are specifically made with this in mind.  Just as importantly, they have to be installed correctly.

The decision to replace windows is a big one.  Having a thorough understanding of your needs, budget and process are crucial to a successful project.  Contact us to discuss the process and schedule an assessment of your current situation.  Visit our showroom at your convenience to get an idea of what your home could transform into.  We’ll look forward to getting to know you.  Oh, and be careful driving through the school zones and good luck in fantasy football.

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Don’t Get Us Confused with another Atlanta Window Company

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

IphoneCallUsNorth Georgia Replacement Windows is the only place you should go when looking for high-quality replacement windows with superior customer service. We are a unique replacement window company in metro Atlanta and throughout North Georgia with dependable service and professional installation of energy efficient and maintenance free replacement windows. We offer the best values on all types of windows with a friendly and knowledgeable staff you can depend on. We urge you to do comparison shopping to see the difference for yourself, but don’t get our name confused with companies offering less reliable services.

At NGRW, we offer the best value for the highest quality products. By good value, we mean that you don’t just get what you pay for, but you get more in terms of energy efficiency and great design. You might look at our beautiful windows and think to yourself, “They must cost a lot,” but in fact they are very affordable! Since you can actually add value to your home by installing high-quality replacement windows, you should consider them a long-term investment that will improve your home’s resale value.IMacVisitOurWebsite

As well as adding to your property’s value, you will realize immediate savings in your utility bills because windows from North Georgia Replacement Windows are extremely energy efficient. They are perfectly designed and custom fit to keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You won’t need to spend time painting them because they are available in a multitude of colors that are easy to clean and easy to maintain.

Make an appointment with our professional consultants today and take advantage of our special financing options available with approved credit.

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3 Different Types of Window Installation in Atlanta

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Window_InstallChoosing to replace your older windows today can save you money tomorrow. North Georgia Replacement Windows (NGRW) is a company driven on making your home as energy efficient and visually appealing as possible. The NGRW team of window replacement experts gives insight information on three types of window replacement installation in Atlanta.

1) Sash Only Installation

Sash only installation involves replacing the moveable parts of a window. NGRW will remove the top and bottom sashes, tracks, and opening/closing mechanisms from the existing window. The new energy efficient window will then be securely installed.

2) Replacement Window Fit Inside Existing Window Jambs

This window replacement option occurs when NGRW technicians place a window inside an existing window. This type of installation involves a custom build to ensure that the window is visually appealing and tightly fitting for increased energy efficiency capabilities.

3) New Construction with Full-frame Window Replacement

When choosing the option for a new construction window replacement, NGRW will put in a window similar to when your home was first constructed. This is a premium custom order that allows you to put in a completely customized window and new trim package.

Did you know that old windows could be eating away at your savings every month? By replacing your older windows, you can immediately enjoy greater comfort and lower energy bills. NGRW installed windows come in a wide-variety of colors and are maintenance free. Choosing to replace your windows can also increase the value of your home. At NGRW, we like to accommodate everyone’s needs in the metro Atlanta and North Georgia areas. Special financing options are available with approved credit for our clients.

So why wait? Speak with a NGRW consultant today and see how we can help you with your window installation in Atlanta.


Window Replacement in Atlanta: North Georgia Replacement Windows Replaces Your Windows in the Winter

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Winter-window-replacementWindow Replacement in Atlanta: North Georgia Replacement Windows Replaces Your Windows in the Winter

Most people typically like to plan their home improvement projects in the warmer months. Many people find it scary to remove the barrier that is protecting them from the cold weather, especially when it comes to window replacement in Atlanta. However, there is nothing to be scared of. Winter is as good of a time as any to have your windows replaced.

Noticing Your Windows Need Replacing

Many homeowners do not even realize they need window replacement until the winter months; it’s just easier to spot a leak when the cold weather sends a chill through your home and down your back.

But if you think that it is already too late to replace your windows and winterize your house, think again! If you wait until winter is over to replace your windows, you could easily lose hundreds of dollars in heating costs. By working with North Georgia Replacement Windows to plan for your window replacement in Atlanta, you can start saving today.

Once you undergo the window replacement process, you can see immediate changes in your heating costs every month, and you’ll see changes in your cooling costs when summer comes back around.

Professional Window Replacement

Replacing a window by yourself would be difficult, but for the professionals at North Georgia Replacement Windows, it is no different than any other time of the year. And with the improvements in window glass over the past couple of years with advanced Low-E coatings and frame technologies, it is easier than ever to beat the cold and save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your replacement windows.

We carry only quality products for your home. But we also take it a step further. We look at how your windows fit into your home’s overall energy efficiency. For more information about how we work within BPI standards to analyze the complete efficiency of your home, please read this press release.

Replacement Process in the Winter

During the winter and any other time, we typically replace home windows one at a time. Why? Because it’s the best way to ensure that your whole house and family are not exposed to the full force of Georgia’s cold weather.

Our professionals at North Georgia Replacement Windows prepare each window area carefully before removing the window. After the area is prepped, the new window, trim, caulking, and perimeter insulation are installed by one of our experts.

Our high-quality professionals can switch out a window with only 5-10 minutes of open exposure, so you and your family will stay warm. And, as soon as the new replacement window is installed, it will immediately begin working to save you energy and money on your next bill!

North Georgia Replacement Windows

Regardless of the season, do not hesitate to call North Georgia Replacement Windows for all of your Atlanta window replacement needs. We aim for the best customer service around North Georgia and Metro Atlanta. Check out everything we offer over here! If you are looking for more than just replacement windows, we also offer insulation services, decor windows, sunrooms, enclosure systems, and more!