BPI Certification

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BPI Certification: North Georgia Replacement Windows

A majority of the homes in the United States were made before modern energy standards and before current building codes were put into place. Because of this, these homes suffer from a variety of problems, including too much energy usage and indoor air quality issues. The Building Performance Institute, Inc. was developed to solve these problems and to create standards and credentials for businesses to improve residential energy efficiency. North Georgia Windows’ employees take pride in being BPI Certified Professionals.

 As we move towards a “greener” and more environmentally friendly world, BPI certified professionals are more in demand than ever before. Some programs even require BPI certification to be able to work there. By being BPI certified, we are working to improve comfort, health, safety, durability and energy efficiency in homes.

 To be considered a BPI Certified Professional, you must prove your skills and meet the nationally recognized standards by passing written and field examinations. Once certified, professionals are kept up-to-date on emerging issues, technologies and best practices. 

Home Energy Audits

North Georgia Replacement Windows offer home energy audits as a service. These comprehensive assessments are more than just a traditional energy audit. The traditional energy audit typically just establishes performance levels and traces the problems to the cause. The home energy audits at North Georgia Replacement Windows also find solutions to your problems and continue to make sure they work. 

BPI Standards

BPI is accredited by the American National Standards Institute. The BPI Standards Program is the leader in home performance standards.

 The typical areas of focus are:

  • Assessment of building components
  • Performance testing (Blower Door & Duct Blaster)
  • Energy modeling with accredited software tool
  • Reports

 The BPI training prepares technicians for the hands-on work of evaluating homes. The process involves going into the house and examining all openings, sealing gaps when necessary, checking that the insulation is properly installed, and making sure that the correct heating and cooling systems are being used and functioning efficiently.

 If you are looking for a home energy audit, do not hesitate to call North Georgia Replacement Windows today! 


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