Infinity Fiberglass Windows

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Infinity® Fiberglass Windows by Marvin. You’ve Never Seen Windows Like These Before


Technology meets style for stunning new possibilities.

Infinity® Windows

Enjoy the classic look of wood, without the ongoing maintenance. Built from a patented type of fiberglass, Infinity windows don’t weather, absorb moisture, or rot like wood. You never have to paint them — unless you want to. The best replacement windows don’t warp in the sun’s heat like vinyl. And they don’t pit or rust like metal windows.

This unique combination of first-class features has only recently become available from our company in the Atlanta area. Through special arrangement with North Georgia Replacement Windows, you can have Marvin Infinity fiberglass windows on your home now.

Ask to see the wealth of attractive and highly durable style and color options.  You’ll enjoy choosing the combination that complements your home. This is the single home improvement that will enhance your home’s appearance inside and out.

Have questions? We’re here to help at 770-888-1604.


Just Beautiful

Windows so bright and elegant, they’re like jewelry on your house. Marvin Infinity fiberglass windows make any home look like a million dollar home, with a clean, modern upgrade of classic window styles. Plus they’ll look just as fresh years from now.


As Strong As Steel

Infinity windows are made from Ultrex®, an advance in materials technology that takes fiberglass to a new level. Eight times stronger than standard vinyl windows, they maintain their structural integrity in extreme weather, and enforce home security.


A Bigger View

 infinity windows by marvin

The slimmer frames around Infinity windows mean a larger glass surface. So you’ll draw more light into your home, from every direction. And you’ll see so much more when you’re looking out. It’s glass that keeps winter warmth in, and reflects summer heat out.

Going Green

Infinity Windows are made from silica sand, a safe and abundant natural resource. They’re a proven to enhance home energy efficiency. And they’re built to support sustainable design and environmental health, so they don’t emit gasses like vinyl or plastic.


What else you can expect from Infinity windows?

• A special patented acrylic finish that’s three times thicker than the paint on standard windows. It’s similar to the acrylic ‘clear coat’ that keeps your car so shiny year after year.

• A lifetime warranty that can be transferred to new owners, should you ever decide to sell your home. The Infinity windows, as well as the warranty, are smart selling points.

• A window that’s held up against vigorous lab testing for impact, abrasion, humidity and temperature. 

• A window that doesn’t expand and contract in areas with frequent weather changes, like the Southeast. The resulting small gaps let in cold winter air, hot summer air, and pollutants.


 infinity windows exterior

Does the window of the future cost much more?

Not as much as you’d think. An all-inclusive quote is yours for the asking. If you’re going to do windows, take it up a notch and do them right, with the very best replacement windows available. And you’ll never have to redo your windows again.

Explore different approaches to residential window replacement.


Schedule your appointment now: call 770-888-1604, or send us a note.

We’d love to show you more about how Infinity Windows by Marvin can transform your home. A helpful specialist will come by at your convenience, with samples, style and color choices, and price options. No pressure, just ideas and answers. Let’s explore the possibilities together.


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