Whether you’re replacing your windows as part of a major home renovation project or simply because they’re old, make sure the replacement windows you choose are appropriate for the weather in your location.

As a trusted North Georgia windows replacement company, we’ve helped hundreds of our clients choose windows for their homes that are well-suited to the climate where they live. Below are some pointers to keep in mind to help you make the right window choices no matter where you call home.

Hot Climate

Choose windows that have a reliable UV coating to prevent the sun’s rays from entering your home. Well-insulated windows will also keep treated air inside where it belongs and stop untreated outdoor air from penetrating your home.

Select materials that won’t warp or peel under the intense summer heat. Remember that the more you protect your home from heat, the less your cooling system has to work to keep you safe and comfortable.

Cold Climate

Avoid window frames made of aluminum. It has very poor insulating properties and will not prevent cold air from penetrating your home. Opt for fiberglass frames instead. They are not difficult to maintain like wood and are often more attractive than vinyl window frames.

Look for windows that have at least two panes of glass for added insulation. To block extreme temperatures, fill the space between the panes with an insulating gas for an additional layer of protection against the cold. Argon, a gas that is five times heavier than air, is a commonly used gas for this type of window insulation.

Rainy Climate

If you live in a high-rainfall area, opt for windows that can stand up to and repel moisture. Fiberglass windows offer the best protection against moisture and won’t rot like wood and expand/contract like vinyl windows. If you choose the wrong kind of windows for this weather, you may have to deal with common problems that extra moisture brings, such as mold, mildew and water stains.

No matter what type of home windows you choose to replace your old windows, our seasoned replacement professionals will install them efficiently and correctly. You can also call us if you need to install a sliding glass door as well as fiberglass or wrought iron entry doors.