Pet doors make life easier for pets and owners alike. When you install one in your home, you won’t have to leave your comfy sofa to let your furry friend in or out. To your pet, it means no more waiting patiently with his nose pressed against the door hoping someone notices.

Pet Entrances

Whether you want your pet to go in and out of your home via a door, window, patio or wall, there’s a pet door for you. As Pet explains, you can install door mounts for pets in wooden doors, storm doors and most other styles of door. If you’d prefer not to compromise a door by creating a hole for a door mount, you could install a pet door through a wall, which is often easier to patch if you ever move out. Although a wall is thicker than a door, a local handyman should be able to create a small tunnel to link both sides of the door.

Even the glass of a patio or window is no barrier to installing a pet door. You can have a custom-fit patio panel or window sash made that slots into place when the patio door or window is partially open.

Pet Size

Before purchasing a special entrance for your pet, check that the door you have in mind is the right size. Dogtipper advises pet owners to measure their pet at the shoulder to find the correct height for the door. To find the correct width, measure how wide they must open a regular door for their pet to fit through comfortably.

Security Measures

Although most pet doors are too small for the average burglar to squeeze through, local wildlife and your neighbors’ pets could become unwelcome visitors. To prevent any animal other than your pet using his door, you can install an electronic lock that opens only to a signal from a device on your pet’s collar. In addition to an electronic lock, or as an alternative, consider having a door installed that you can lock yourself at night, when you go on vacation, or to prevent a toddler from crawling out. Additional security options include slide-in security panels and locks.

Energy Efficiency

To reduce heat loss and cold drafts in winter and wasted air conditioning in summer, purchase a pet door that seals well and improves energy efficiency in your home. Some options include doors that are self-sealing or have double or magnetic flaps. When you’ve made your purchase, install the door away from extreme sunlight or strong winds, and attach the weather stripping that came with the door or your own. Finally, if you’re fitting the door in a wall, seal the gaps with silicone caulk.

Your pet may need some time and a little encouragement to use his new door, or he might grasp the idea right away. Whatever your pet’s reaction, when you hear the door flap open and close, you’ll know you made a great choice.

And when it comes to choosing the perfect replacement door for the humans in your home, be sure to browse through our wide selection of beautiful, secure and energy-efficient options.