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Everything You Need to Know About BPI Certified Contractors & Home Energy Audits

If you are looking for a home energy audit and a BPI certified professional, you have come to the right place. North Georgia Replacement Windows has multiple BPI certified professionals on staff and can provide home energy audits for you and your family!

How are BPI certified professionals different from regular contractors?

Anyone can call themselves a contractor, but a BPI certified professional has taken exams to prove their skills and knowledge in their areas of expertise. BPI Certifications do not take the place of trade qualifications, apprenticeship programs, or manufacturer requirements. They build on and enhance these skills. Being a BPI certified professional allows you to present yourself as more valuable to homeowners.

What type of training do BPI certified professionals receive?

Professionals who hope to become BPI certified learn the “house-as-a-system” approach. This approach looks at the relationship between all the different parts of a home, as well as learning how to identify where problems begin and providing solutions for those problems. After becoming certified, individuals are required to keep up with their education requirements to make sure they are always up to date with issues, new technologies, and best practices.

How do I know if an individual or company is a BPI certified contractor?

Only current BPI accredited contractors with full credentials and active participation will be be listed on www.bpi.org. If they are not listed, then they are not up to date.

Can I do a home energy audit on my own?

A home energy audit should done by a professional. There are many diagnostic tools that a BPI certified professional uses that most homeowners do not own.

Can a home energy audit make my house more comfortable?

That is one of the main reasons to get a home energy audit. With a BPI certified contractor, their house-as-a-system approach helps eliminate drafts, uneven temperatures, and inconsistent humidity levels by looking at the interactions between the different systems in the house.

Can a home energy audit help lower my energy bills?

The house-as-a-system approach is proven to reduce energy bills by as much as 20% or more.

Can a home energy audit help keep my home healthy and safe?

Yes. One of the most common problems found in home energy audits is leakage through the windows or doors. Mold forms when the warm air from the inside passes through the walls on its way outside. When the warm air reaches the colder air, it drops the moisture on condensing surfaces. To avoid this, homes need to be airtight. During a home energy audit, you can find out if your home is sealed tight enough.

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