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Three Reasons to Replace Your Windows in the Spring

Apr 12, 2018

Our customers often ask when’s the best time to replace their windows. The honest answer is that we’re able to replace windows year-round: Our QuadMax sealants are designed for high-performance in any weather, and our quality Infinity® from Marvin replacement windows are built with raw materials designed to...

Marvin Infinity

Turn Your Tax Refund into a Home Investment

Apr 30, 2018

Before you cash that tax return check, it’s smart to have a plan for how you’re going to use it. Upgrading your home’s windows might not be the kind of fun you had in mind, but it’s a smart move for anyone eager to turn that tax return into a sound investment. AnchorInfinity® from Marvin replacement...

Marvin Infinity

The Perfect Patio Door by Infinity from Marvin

Jun 08, 2018

The Perfect Patio Door by Infinity® from Marvin®

Marvin Infinity

Why Customers Love Our ‘Price Lock Guarantee’

Jun 17, 2018

Homeowners often seek proposals from contractors before they’re ready to start the work on their home. If you’ve ever dealt with less trustworthy contractors, you might know the sting of coming back weeks or months later to start your project, only to find out that they’ve hiked the price from their original...

Marvin Infinity

Condensation? Don't Sweat It.

Jul 10, 2018

North Georgia Replacement Windows® understands the unappealing appearance and issues of condensation on your windows. With the Infinity® from Marvin® fiberglass windows, condensation can become the least of your worries.  Why do I have condensation on my...

Marvin Infinity

Why Window Pricing Matters

Jul 24, 2018

Why Window Pricing Matters

Marvin Infinity

The Perfect Windows for a Lake Home

Aug 01, 2018

Lake houses are properties for tranquility and comfort. The perfect place for a getaway, family time, and daily peaceful living. To complete your harmonious residence, replace your windows and doors with Infinity® from Marvin® fiberglass windows by North Georgia Replacement...

Marvin Infinity

The #1 Rated Company in the Country!

Aug 14, 2018

If you have the option to get your windows from the Number One Company in the Country, would you? Well if you live in the Atlanta or surrounding areas, you do!  North Georgia Replacement Windows is honored to be the number one window company in the country, and we only plan on improving! We can claim...

Marvin Infinity

See it first! Visit our Showroom!

Aug 28, 2018

  See it first!  North Georgia Replacement Windows is located in Roswell, Georgia. Before we install your windows, come to our showroom. We have all styles of windows and over 50 doors on display to see for yourself. You can easily operate them on your own and feel the...

Marvin Infinity

We are Certified in Lead Safety

Sep 11, 2018

Lead Safety and Why it’s Important  In 2010, a federal law passed that requires all contractors performing renovations on homes or buildings built prior to 1978 be certified and trained in procedures to prevent lead contamination. Lead is a naturally occurring element found in small amounts in the...

Marvin Infinity

Vinyl is Not Final

Sep 19, 2018

As you begin a window replacement project, you will look for the best quality, best price, and best company. All of these depend on the material being offered. Vinyl windows come in high and low quality, cheap prices and you might be able to find a company that is easy to work with. The long-term problem is...

Marvin Infinity

Our Windows Make You Healthier

Sep 25, 2018

Windows that make you healthier isn’t something you often hear from a replacement window company. North Georgia Replacement Windows offers benefits beyond beauty and efficiency. The Infinity from Marvin windows are made from Ultrex® fiberglass– a material so strong and...

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